10 Best Blogs to Follow About Interior Design Styles

In a life full of stress, more and more people have begun taking interest in different areas to maximize their quality of daily life, to get new information, inspirations and perspectives. One of these trendy areas is surely following interior design blogs. This shouldn’t surprise us, as for many, home is a loving, supportive environment in which to reflect personal identity, culture or even beliefs. But still, it can be a little bit difficult to find the right content for you since each of us has different perspectives and styles. That’s why we are here for you to share a list of must-follow interior design blogs to inspire and encourage you to hunt for your own style.


1. Bright Bazaar by Will Taylor

Launched in 2009, this interior design blog, as its name indicates very clearly, invites the readers to a colorful, vivid, make-you-smile style ambiance covering a wide range of contents like home, fashion and travel.  One of the world’s best-known blogs, Bright Bazaar displays all sorts of colorful inspirations across the world for its readers. Apart from being a blogger, Will is also a freelance author. His first design book, Bright Bazaar: Embracing Color For Make-You-Smile Style, has made him gain an international popularity as the book has been translated into seven different languages so far and became a bestseller on Amazon.


2. Bodie and Fou by Karine Candice Köng

Founded by French-born Karine Candice Köng, a Photographer, Stylist and Creative Director, Bodie and Fou provides a glimpse into a minimalistic, elegant and simple living environment. But you can also find inspirational tips across fashion, travel and well-being. Karine’s prowess in style surely shows itself in the photographs she has taken. We suggest you go and check out her Instagram feed to see her monochromatic photos, as well.


3. Design Milk by Jaime Derringer

Its name sounds interesting, right? The name comes from its founder’s passion for collecting milk cartons and for this blog, it’s so important to get the daily dose of vitamin D (Can you guess the letter D stands for what?) Apart from architectural and decorative ideas, Design Milk also features many topics you’ll need from art, technology to pets and more. When it comes to personalizing the way we live, Design Milk helps its readers find the right items with its online shopping platform.


4. Young House Love by John and Sherry Petersik

The lovely founders of one of the most popular DIY blogs on Internet, Young House Love, have been running it since 2007. One can surely guess from their blog that this cute couple transforms their passion and sincerity into an original concept. Apart from their New York Times Best Seller book having the same name with the blog, John and Sherry keeps sharing their ideas and making Q&A session on their own podcast series with the followers.  


5. A Small Life by Melanie Gnau

A Small Life is go-to destination for anyone who is passionate about small, minimalistic and cozy lifestyle. The blog is also a comprehensive guide to money-saving ideas and low-budget DIY projects. If you want to minimize your stuff so that you can maximize your life (That’s what Melanie is in pursuit of), then this blog could be right up your street.


6. Hygge For Home by Reena Simon

Reena, the face behind the blog and the mother of three, tries to show the possibility of decoration and renovation touches to her readers even when you have a young family. As it’s evident from its name (Hygge is a way of life adopted by the Danish and described as ‘coziness’ in English), Hygge For Home presents modern, rustic interior design tips along with the cozy Danish concept.


7. Liz Marie Blog by Liz Marie Galvan

Liz Marie Blog is another stylistic find from our lists that you should check out. With her cozy rustic white cottage farmhouse approach, Liz Marie renovates an 1800s farmhouse and shares her ideas and tips on the blog in this aspect. She also helps the readers build their ways to a more personalized house with her online shopping section featuring a wide range of items from kid toys to thematic ornaments.


8. Pufik by Anna and Sergiy Shupka

This lovely couple offers visual inspiration from all over the world ranging from Paris and Lisbon to Ukraine and Canada. Even if you simply enjoy surfing visual focused blogs on Internet, then Pufik can be an inspirational feast for your eyes. Their contents aren’t limited to only household designs. You can also take a glance at various decorative hotel concepts on the blog.


9. Yellow Brick Home by Kim and Scott Vargo

“Work with the space you have, and not the space you wish you had.” That’s what the couple thinks when it comes to creating a better living through design. From colorful modernist style to the second-hand furnishings, Yellow Brick Home appears as a source of inspiration for those searching for clean lined and artistic taste. You can also watch their daily adventures in decoration through their vlogs.


10. EyeSwoon by Athena Calderone

EyeSwoon is surely a place to transform the ordinary life into beautiful and delicious one. Having received a critical acclaim from the respected publications, EyeSwoon offers its readers various self-expressionist ways to feed the soul with the sophisticated spacious first-rate interior design tips and delicious recipes. Aside from it, the blog is also filled with entertaining posts and traveling adventures.

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