10 Brilliant Ways To Use DECO STYLE

If you love a matching look with nostalgic and modern corners, probably the art deco theme is one of your favorites. French, Egyptian and Mediterranean folk breezes meet with bolt geometric forms for an Art Deco conceptual decor. From interior to exterior, you will find tips for how to create a simple but classy Art Deco appearance, room to room!

1)Living Room

The living room is probably one of the most considering places at any house. We spend so much time there when we are home; watch tv, read something, sit and talk with the household and host our guests there… So it’s important to catch a great line of decoration in this room.  If you want to create an Art Deco look for your living room, don’t forget two things; natural elements and geometric markings. You can prefer jungle-inspired colors for walls or floors with a harsh and sharp formed couch and an ottoman table.


Keep it simple but stylish. Get inspired with symmetrical details. Feel free to use large furniture, don’t mix so much on coasters. Simple and star pieces will be a lifesaver for an Art Deco bedroom. You can prefer monochrome designed geometric bedspreads to keep the retro-modern bar high.


Art Deco is really a great concept for kitchens! You can easily use geometric plaids and checkered patterns with floor or wall tiles. Kitchen is already a place with natural flourishes of fruits and vegetables therefore simple, single-toned cabinets will allow you to balance your overall perspective without going to extremes. 


4) Entryway

You may ask why and how the entryway is important? You will see the changes with simple touches made to your space. It’s the entry of the home; it’ll welcome you and your guests majestically! You can easily create an Art Deco conceptual style with an entryway console desk that you designed. You can choose big and garish mirrors with the references from the 50’s placed above these mini welcoming tables.



Match the cubic details with rustic and comfy pieces. Rectangular and square tiles will help you here, too. We want to feel relaxed and safe in our tubs, so adding some personal details around; like books, candles and kickshaws left up to your preference will do the work. You can choose to arrange lightning symmetrically. Don’t forget the cultural details, too! 

6) Teen Room

If you’re bored of classic and common looks for the teen room but also, want to catch the trends, you can prefer Art Deco influenced modern and trendy peeks. You don’t even have to change the whole room for it; a geometrical area rug, matching throw pillows, bedspread and of course cheery walls will do!



Balconies are the smallest places at home for most of us. But with the smart estimating, you can turn your balcony into a little personal heaven. So how will you do it in Art Deco style? Choose retro themed small patio tables, chairs and plan dim cast lights. Adorn your railing with some living plants. Romantic dinners or tranquil times to spend alone will be priceless in your well decorated balcony.


8)Guest Room

Usually, we don’t want to personalize the guest rooms, we want our guests to feel comfortable and not like strangers. But it doesn’t mean you won’t decorate it stylishly! Use the Art Deco code for guest rooms… symmetry, colors and geometry!

9)Dining Room

Eating together is a great tradition, as a family or with guests. Especially on special occasions, at huge tables… You can bring back these conventional feels easily with Art Deco style. Art Deco inspired dining rooms are ostentatious like in those old movies! Match colors, don’t be afraid to play big on dining sets and glittering lights that reflect on mirrors!



Corridors give an eye-gasm to every decoration lover! It’s perfect, it’s beautiful, it’s symmetric… You can reflect the perfect harmony and simplicity of Art Deco on corridors. You can choose a striped tapestry to add more contemporary finishes or you can keep it simple and natural for walls and lights while making a color blast with a super-vivid rug!


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