10 Essential Ingredients Every Christmas Living Room Needs

Every house is a corner of joy during Christmas and the most convenient place to portray this sort of festivity is surely the living room. It is not a secret that nobody likes a boring, dull living room when it comes to holiday time spirit. If you are keen to become the master of Christmas decorations this year, then we got some Einstein tips for you. As for all your home designing needs and how to’s, Ambesonne has once again struck with a dazzling list of essential living room ornaments to be used at Christmas. 


1.All time cherished – Christmas wreath. 

A floral wreath screams nature and is one of the most assorted decorations because it can be displayed in numerous different styles. A rare idea for a floral wreath would be hanging it onto a chalkboard scribbled with chalk. The chalk will resemble snow and the board frame will give a unique look to the floral ornaments. If you wish to play safe and take the classy path then hanging them on your window with some matching accent cushions will be more than enough to give the room a spacey, jolly vibe. 


2.Decent touch of a decorous tapestry.

Given their versatile nature, tapestries are the best ways to add a touch of both elegance and character to the room. A Christmas themed tapestry can be a good chance to bring your personal style and a tad of a traditional feeling into the picture. There’s no denying that tapestries have a huge impact on home decor so why not bring this detail into your Christmas display? 



3.Fire it up with stunning ornaments. 

If you have a fireplace in your living room you are probably one of the luckiest people out there, especially at Christmas. After all, the tree shouldn’t get all of the attention right?  Creating a botanical frame around your mantle with led strip lights can be the main character of your Christmas decorations this year. If you are a believer in simplicity then another alternative could be picking two main colors and arranging some candles, stockings or little Santa motifs on your mantel. Small details suited in combining colors as such will allow you to save time and money while making sure to let all your guests know that you weren’t at all inattentive in your Christmas preparations.


4.Merry Curtains! 

Your living room is the one place where you get to set the tone of your home and make it blatantly all about your desired theme. Window treatments such as curtains can make or break the deal when it comes to stunning adornment. Allow this piece of material to become your savior at Christmas and spread the holiday vibe. Ravishing curtains embellished in thematic prints may be just what you need to make your living room the talk of the year this Christmas. 


4.Elegance of a simple centerpiece. 

Sometimes basic ornaments and petit details can say a lot more than you think. If you are an admirer of little things and believe that energy put into decorating should be rather put into spending time with loved ones, then consider yourself lucky because this corner is all about you. A centerpiece ornamented with candles or some basic botany can be the pathway to impressing your guests. A tip for working clean lines and mild touches in your living room is to make sure that the setting is placed in the center. Whether on a dining table or a side furniture, just assure that it is arranged in the center of the room. 



5.DIY ideas.

Don’t feel the need to wander the stores and opt for ready made items every Christmas. There are certainly other ways to liven up the atmosphere. Here are some ideas for you to make do, to have a cute decor while having fun crafting with your little ones. This can be a great way to embrace the coziness of this holiday as holidays are about you and your loved ones. These activities can bring the family together and can allow you to share precious moments. Cut out some colorful cardboard and stick them onto your wall to form a tree or take some basic Christmas ornaments and hang them on a string with the help of some laundry pegs for a hippie, crafty look. These are ideas that will need nothing more than what you already have at home, sparing you the load of store searching and dreadful money spending. 


6.A corner for drinks.   

One of the most cherished aspects of Christmas celebrations are assuredly the drinks. From nostalgic eggnogs to heart warming hot chocolates and the all fruity cider, drinking is a big part of this festive holiday. Why not take this habit and turn it into a decoration tool this year? Creating a cute corner of a bar cart with wheels and arranging some fancy cocktail glasses and mugs on it, will be the most popular corner in your living room. A decorative corner for drinks will not only save you the time spent going back and forward serving your guests, but will also give you the chance to step up from cliche Christmas decorations to rare adornment. 


7.Cozy and thematic cushions ftw! 

What is Christmas without the warmth of cute cushions arranged on your sofa? Pick a corner whether on your sofa or the floor and make a scene of cluttered cushions covered in pillow shams that awaken Christmas vibes in living room. Making your guests comfort one of your priorities, this classic design idea will light the way to adorable display. 



8.A Christmassy framework…

Another idea on our list of Christmas decorations is forming a frame around the window or the entrance of your living room. This will make your guests feel festive and large with their first step into the room. You can establish a frame using baubles, colorful tulle or simply some botanical elements. If you want to spark up your game, you can even consider adding some led lightning into the picture. 


9.Fit the theme with a frosty, winter look.

Due to the season it is celebrated in, Christmas is always mentioned or resembled with the coming of snow and cold. Chilly weather, frostbite, thick and oversized clothing… All of these elements bring that wintry feeling into our hearts. Last but not least, we offer you the idea of turning your living room into a snowy playground! Get a ton of snow foam spray and get dirty this Christmas. Spray your tree, windows, decorative reindeers or anything you can find in the room because this holiday is all about the chills…

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