Small kitchens can make you feel tense and confined. The good news is that you can open up your space with the right kitchen curtains. The following curtains are just right to create a room that appears larger and more beautiful.

Open a Window on the World

It’s always relaxing to look at a lovely view through a window. Whether you have a poor view from your window or no window at all, these curtains can create the illusion of a kitchen with a view.

Old Window and Flowers Curtain – Three-D images of a tall, double window with delicate white lace curtains, surrounded by flowering plants help open up your space.    Farmhouse Countryside Curtain – This curtain is the essence of old country charm. The window, with its clear glass, wide open shutters, and blooming flowers, is the focal curtain by ambesonneAntique Wooden Window Curtain – The old-fashioned wooden planks of the window in the image create a sense of mystery and curtain by ambesonneView from Mountain Hut Curtain – This curtain presents a vivid view of the mountains from the charming windows of a homey cabin. Flowers add hints of cheerful yellow and curtain by ambesonneExpand Your Room with Charming Shutters
It might be hard to imagine that shutters would create a sense of openness. Not all can, but with the right designs and colors, they can truly make your room look more expansive.

Retro Burgundy Shutters Curtain – The classic look of a burgundy background with retro tall shutters at the center creates a feeling of curtain by ambesonneCountryside Shutters Curtain – The light tan colors of the wall and shutters and the bright greenery on this curtain make your room look both sunnier and larger. kitchen curtain by ambesonneGrunge Wooden Shutters Curtain – The shutters on this curtain look so convincing that you’ll want to open them up to see what’s on the other side. Their rich, medium color brings warmth without curtain by ambesonneOrnate Wooden Shutters Curtain – Sun sparkles brightly on the panes of the windows and the decorative blue, tan, and white shutters. Trees in the foreground add touches of festive curtain by ambesonneBrighten Your Outlook with Enchanting Doors
There’s just something magical about the feeling you get when you see a door. What’s on the other side? What marvelous adventures wait there? Door images on these curtains create intrigue.

Old French Wooden Door Curtain – You’ll feel like you’re roaming the French countryside whenever this stunningly realistic picture of an old French door catches your curtain by ambesonneAged Doors Tuscan House Curtain – Have you ever dreamed of spending time in a Tuscan village? These curtains convey that image perfectly, with a white, yellow, and beige building front highlighted with a lovely red door and shutters. Vines and plants add to its curtain by ambesonneGrunge Farmhouse Door Curtain – The large areas of white in this printed curtain bring a roomy feel. The dark door provides a center of curtain by ambesonneA small kitchen doesn’t have to look boring or oppressive. With the right curtains, you can create a light, airy look that makes you feel more relaxed, comfortable, and happy.

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