New Year – new beginnings – is there also a move into a new place in your future? There are some that say moving can be stressful, but a new home is also an invigorating development – and a chance to try out some new styles. 

Maybe you – or someone who needs a gift – is heading off to their new dorm room, apartment, or house. For the easiest, boldest way to assert personal style, a new bedroom duvet set definitely the way to go. With little effort, you can create a look that sets the tone for the whole home.

Here are some of our favorite selections to match all the fun and excitement of a new address.

We’ve got crisp and cool patterns, bold and funky graphics, and sophisticated color schemes for every taste.

  • From Pop Art to retro-cool

Bold graphic looks don’t hide themselves – they step right up and can express your personality. How about a gaggle of hipster animals to make even the most serious Millennial smile? For even bolder personalities, our funky abstract music pattern has all the power and edge of graffiti art. 

Don’t forget the best retro patterns out there! Ambesonne always keeps ahead of the trends with our designs. Even the frustrated surfer who is hundreds of miles inland will love some of our looks that evoke all the best parts of a California summer. The Surf Rainbow set gives bold poster-like attitude, while the Vintage Punk or Fashion Kiss sets both have the dreamy, sunny colors of the beach.

Hipster Monkey Camel Cat Duvet Cover Setduvet cover by ambesonneFunky Abstract Music Duvet Cover Setduvet cover by ambesonneSurf Rainbow Colors Palm Duvet Cover Setduvet cover by ambesonneVintage Punk Sport Shoes Duvet Cover Setduvet cover by ambesonneFashion Kiss Love Design Duvet Cover Setduvet cover by ambesonne

  • Bold patterns with a kick

If you’re looking for bold patterns that still pack a color punch, we have duvet sets that will be sure to please anyone with a taste for strong hues and fun. Our Circular Buttons pattern is sure to bring sunshine into any bedroom space, adding just enough pattern to work with your decor. Go even bolder with the same hues with the look of the Vivid Umbrella motif. 

For the Urban Jungle lover, check out our Pastel Chevrons or our Colorful Contemporary patterns -either of this will look amazing with houseplants and tropical decor. Packed up with a potted plant, these would make a great gift for the person moving in.

Circular Buttons Artistic Duvet Cover Setduvet cover by ambesonneVivid Umbrella Figures Wide Tapestryduvet cover by ambesonnePastel Chevrons Green Duvet Cover Setduvet cover by ambesonneZigzag Colorful Twisty Duvet Cover Setduvet cover set by ambesonne



Colorful Contemporary Duvet Cover Setduvet cover by ambesonne

  • Keeping it Chic and Stylish

Nothing beats the chic simplicity of geometric shapes and a black, white, and red color scheme. This provides a color palette that is soothing and sophisticated, at the same time. When you’re in search of looks that can pull your room together quickly and not look fussy or juvenile, check out our patterns such as the crisp stripes and circles variations we offer. These also mix very well with patterns like our Sport Shoes duvet set, for a bit of fun. 

For something with a bit more visual weight, check out a pattern like our bold Tree Moon Scene – great for making a statement on your bed. Another artistic touch can be found in the movement-filled City People Silhouettes cover set – sure to be a conversation starter, and charming in all black and white tones. 

New home? No worries! Make your first style statement with our bold patterns, and you’ll be ready for guests in no time at all!

Black Stripes Circles Duvet Cover Setduvet cover by ambesonneSport Shoes Sneakers Duvet Cover Setduvet cover by ambesonneDigital Scene Tree Moon Duvet Cover Setduvet cover by ambesonneCity People Silhouettes Duvet Cover Setduvet cover by ambesonne

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