Spring is almost here, and everyone is thinking about updating their homes with a fresh new look, along with some spring cleaning. It’s entirely appropriate that the latest household trends are all about floral and patterns. If your mind has been drifting towards warmer days and thoughts about getting outside, you’ll be completely simpatico with some of the gorgeous updates we’ve located for you. The best part? All these great new looks can change up the look of your home and not strain your budget!

Refresh your sleeping space

Start out in your bedroom and add some floral pizazz to your bed – we have duvet covers that can make your whole room look different. Keep it cool and crisp with the elegant pattern on our Rustic Peonies Duvet Cover – the tones will keep your vibe sophisticated and not overpower your space. There’s a bit of a floral frenzy going on with the Mandala Style Colorful pattern – it will bring in those green tones to your color scheme with a fun pattern and some boho overtones. You can also embrace the floral romance you’ve been seeing on wallpaper patterns with the Romantic Red Roses set – the warm tones will look terrific in your bedroom oasis.

Rustic Peonies Duvet Cover Setbudget home textile by ambesonneMandala Style Colorful Duvet Cover Setbudget home textile by ambesonneRomantic Red Roses Duvet Cover Setbudget home textile by ambesonneChange up your bathroom

Don’t neglect your bathroom in your home makeover! It’s easy to change the whole look of this space with a new shower curtain, and we’ve got some winners for spring! Go bold with the Ottoman Floral Art pattern – the deep tones will make your bath feel like you’ve added a mosaic tile wall to the room. If you like the look of light and easy country decor, you’ll love the Romantic Bouquet Of Roses pattern – can’t you just see it with some white shiplap? If you’re looking for a more masculine setting in your bath, check out the Floral Design Stripes curtain -just like the best looks in menswear, the jewel tones will mix beautifully with other patterns.

Ottoman Floral Art Shower Curtainbudget home textile by ambesonneRomantic Bouquet Of Roses Shower Curtainbudget home textile by ambesonneFloral Design Stripes Shower Curtainbudget home textile by ambesonneAdd some “Wow” to your windows

Finish up your quick and easy home makeover with some new curtains. Ambesonne has floral-influenced patterns that will go with any color scheme. The Romantic Lace Hearts curtains have a slyly romantic look that blends cool tones and hearts in a look that doesn’t go too heavy on the sweetness. If you love a bit of vintage in your life, and the bright tones of past decades make you smile, the Colorful Vignette Flora curtain will liven up your spring with a fun rose print. Prefer that simpler palette? Lighten up your space and make it look clean and fresh with the creamy tones of our Abstract Floral Scroll curtains – they’ll blend well with any room decor. If your windows are a focal point, and you love warm colors, try our Abstract Poppy Design – the pattern is slightly abstract, totally fun, and looks great mixed up with other patterns.

Romantic Lace Hearts Curtainbudget home textile by ambesonneColorful Vignette Flora Curtainbudget home textile by ambesonneAbstract Floral Scroll Curtainbudget home textile by ambesonneAbstract Poppy Design Curtainbudget home textile by ambesonneBe ready for spring, have some fun with your decor, and get ready to invite some friends over to check out your new refreshed home space!

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