10 Winter Party Themes that will blow your Instagram

         The winter season, at first sight, may be the months of short, gloomy and cold days. But have you ever thought this could be a great opportunity to get your closest friends or family together and do Instagram-worthy crazy stuff? From Christmas to Valentine’s Days, the winter season is filled with festive-mood events to cheer you up. That’s why – based upon the phrase ‘’Make Every Day and Everything an Excuse to Celebrate’’- we have gathered up for you 10 on-trend Winter Party Themes that will blow your Instagram.


1. Nothing but white!

I know it might seem a little bit stereotyped but is there anyone out there who thinks anything else other than snowy scenes when winter comes around? Go all-out with an elegant whitish color scheme when it comes to setting the scene and classically decorating the inside of your house. This can be done with classic white lights or even the ones shaped like snowflakes can be great alternatives. Go for the winter-related food and beverages like hot chocolate, eggnog, snowman-shaped cookies and more. You can also ask all your guests to wear white clothes for the party to fit in with the theme.


2. Baby, it’s cold outside!

Why don’t you play up the mood with a very wintery outdoor party? To bring this party theme to life, your backyard can be a good starting point. First, set your picnic table with warm-you-up appetizers and drinks. Then, create a warm ambiance around the bonfire for your guests. Hang jar lanterns in tree branches to add a soft touch and opt for wooden vintage chairs covered with blankets. You can add the finishing touch with flowers inside blocks of ice.

Now, your party is ready for some killer Instagram posts!


3. And the ugliest sweater award goes to… 

This on-trend party theme is a great way to cheer up your guests in this gloomy season of the year even if the ugliness of the sweaters hurt your eyes. Tap this trend by styling it with some ridiculous and colorful things like checkered socks. Start with the tacky cookies inspired by notoriously bad sweater designs and make ugly cloth covers for bottles. You can even make a DIY photo booth props to capture these hilarious moments and share them with the world.


4. Dim the lights and turn up the volume!

Enjoy your very wintery evening at home with your friends by throwing a movie viewing party. Whether you are binge-watching a TV show or going with classical movies, make sure that everything feels cozy and comfy. Comfortable seating is the key point in this theme. If you lack seating spaces in your house, don’t worry! There is always an alternative. Use floor pillows, beanbags or cushions. You can use movie themed wall decorations to get your guests in the spirit of Hollywood.


 5. Let’s see your craft!

DIY projects are all the rage these days.  Then why don’t we turn them into an interesting party theme? As there are tons of DIY winter decorations, it’s better to stick to a specific concept. For example, you can use snowflake patterns to create your own door hangers or wall décor. Wreath making can also be another easy DIY idea to spark your imagination. But don’t forget to shop smart for the equipment and just pick a manageable DIY party theme. 


6. Sip, Swirl, Swallow!

Throwing a wine tasting party at home is fun and can be very educational at the same time. First pick a wine theme so as not to feel overwhelmed while choosing one. Wines can be from the same region or winery. You can even select wines of a certain price range. You can also offer homemade tags to rate their wine glasses on a scale of 1 to 5. Try ‘’blind tasting’’ experience and bring your senses into play! This is also a great opportunity for you to capture some hilarious moments for your Instagram feed.


7. Haters gonna hate!

If you are fed up with all cheesy and commercialized so-called romantic holidays, then here is an anti-Valentine’s Day party for you! Gather your single friends or even couple friends who find this day very shallow and make the party entertaining. Go for all-black drinks and appetizers like espresso martini or black olive tapenade. For the décor, hang up ‘’It’s Not Me. It’s You’’ or ‘’Love Bites’’ like written banners and cupid themed wall arts.


8. Christmas Karaoke Party

If there is something more exciting than Christmas trees, it should be Christmas songs. Keep your camera ready to take tons of photos of the fun and remember this is also a chance for blackmail because some of your friends will probably sing off-key. To get yourself in the singing mood, use a decorative backdrop and desk lamps pointed at the so-called stage. You can decorate the rest of the room with music themed accessories like wall art or tapestries.


9. The harder the battle, the sweeter the party!

Who said board games are out of date? Holding a game night party is a great way to entertain without making a big effort. For example, playing a strategy game can work well with a big group of friends. Go with a clean, comfortable area. You can use twister mats as a tablecloth or even make your own hanging ‘’Game Night’’ related banners.

Some board game suggestions for you: Codenames, Word on the Street, Dungeons and Dragons.


10. Stay-at-Home NYE Party 

Save the best for the last! Welcome the new year with a warm, romantic and very festive house party. But be careful while creating the right environment for your guests as being comfy and partying hard are both equally important things. Decorate the space with candles and twinkle lights. Supply some accessories like hats and sunglasses to make the atmosphere of the party joyous. You can also create New Year themed inspirational phrases with balloons and make great décor for your Instagram posts.

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