International Women’s Day is the ideal time to recognize the strength, power, and bravery of mothers. While the day is for all women, mothers hold a special place in the world.

Choose a gift that lifts her up and reminds her that you stand behind her every step of the way.

Venus Symbol and Fist

The Venus symbol is an ancient sign of femaleness. With a fist added at its center, it becomes a symbol of powerful women.

1-Doodle Venus Symbol Wide Tapestry womens day gift ideasThe words are “Girl Power,” the design a Venus symbol in orange on this white tapestry.

2- Fist Female Power Wide Tapestry womens day gift ideasThis enchanting tapestry shows a deep blue fist, the wrist encircled in a ribbon saying “Girl Power,” and roses.

3- Feminism Ideology Shower Curtain womens day gift ideasThis striking shower curtain shows a beautiful pink female sign with a fist.

4- Venus Symbol Women Shower Curtainwomens day gift ideasA bright purple curtain with a dazzling white word – “feminist” – on a light purple Venus symbol with fist.

5- Power Woman Fist Shape Curtainwomens day gift ideasPowerful simplicity shows vividly on this white curtain with a deep black lettering saying, “Power to Woman.”

Girl Power

Women have taken charge of the word “Girl,” making it a statement of strength and purpose. Girl power is a battle cry for women fighting for their rights.

1- Motivational Girl Power Wide Tapestrywomens day gift ideasThis lovely white tapestry features the phrase “Girl Power, “along with colorful flowers.

2- Brush Style Lettering Pillow Coverwomens day gift ideasThis pink pillow cover is just the right shade for a mother, and it says “Girl Power,” too.

Women Together

1- Equality around the world shower curtainwomens day gift ideasThis colorful shower curtain features a blue and green globe with “Women’s Rights” highlighted.

2- Motivational Text Pillow Coverwomens day gift ideas“We Can Do It” is shown in pink on a beige and blue background on this stylish pillow cover.

3- Inspirational Phrase Pillow Coverwomens day gift ideas“Who Runs the World? Girls” emblazoned on this white pillow cover with abstract designs in pink, yellow, and blue.

4- Go Girls Lettering Art Curtainwomens day gift ideasThis curtain has a white background, bright pastel doodles, and a red “Go Girls in the center.

Women Then and Now

Strong women have made their presence known in the past and are still rocking the world.

1- Hippie Boho Girl Quote Curtainwomens day gift ideasThis curtain has a 60s-style flare, with “Girl Power” in patchwork, hippie-style flowers, leaves, star and moon.

2- Retro Powerful Woman Shower Curtainwomens day gift ideasA curtain honoring the working woman of yesteryear, the sun shining behind her as she shows her strong muscle.

3- Religious Woman Glass Pillow Coverwomens day gift ideasThis pillow cover shows a woman in black dress and burgundy head covering, her fist breaking the proverbial glass ceiling above.

4- LGBT Female Fist Print Pillow Coverwomens day gift ideasModern women can be who they are, as shown on this white pillow cover with a fist composed of red words like LGBTQ, Trans Women, and Equality.

On International Women’s Day, honor your mother for the strength she shows. Respect her fight for equal rights. And, whatever you do, give her a token of your admiration.

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