5 Ideas for nautical shower curtains and bath accessories


Summer days are over, but you can still bring it back with decorative elements for your bathroom. These nautical bathroom decor ideas are ideal for bringing some color into a monochrome space. From blue and white prints to the most vivid of sea colors, it is a fresh look you will not want to miss

Traditional bathrooms – with their naval portholes and bathtub – are some of the most popular rooms in our homes. But what about those walls that are too dark or too masculine for the color of the sea? From woven tapestries to washbasin doors, there are numerous ways to bring a little of the saltwater into your space.

Try weaving an ocean-inspired tapestry for a high-impact scheme. Made of cotton, linen, or Merino wool, it will make the walls feel fresh and offer a dash of texture. If you are not the type that can sew to save their life you can try to buy some additional accessories for your washroom.


  1. Clean Blues

Use clean blues in your bathroom to lift the scene. A washbasin door, which can be taken down and cleaned, will add to the scheme. Keep the same color family to the rest of your bathroom, too. Dark walls lend a sense of drama, but the opposite can be just as impactful, like this navy and white striped-wall and tub design.


  1. Pearl Grey and A Splash of Red

Use the little details in space to set it apart. Rather than one solid color scheme, the color of the shelves mirrored in the pillows and the storage tray beneath the vanity unit. Mix with warm beige accessories for the best of both worlds.


  1. Little Prints

Add a little color with a splash of prints. These anchors and portholes are a great example of making a small, complementary change to brighten up the scheme.


  1. Gingham

The traditional tartan print has become a home interior design favorite in recent years. This micro-trend means it is a good option for a modern bathroom with a traditional feel. Position the plain mirrors to catch the eye and add the stripes without competing with the built-in shelves.


  1. Seaside

Go for bold colors and even bolder prints for a bold statement. This bedroom in a coastal seaside town features a different design on each side of the double bed. It is bold, with patterns on one wall and black color on the other. One wall features a black wallpaper design, while the other features a bright blue gingham print.


  1. Chunky Mosaic

Ask an interior designer to give you tips on the right colors for the bathroom, and they will recommend choosing stone colors, which are normally neutral and work in most rooms. Modern tiles, especially marble-look ones, have become popular for this very reason.


  1. Tiles

Wooden and acrylic are the two most popular materials for bathroom flooring. Use the wood finish on your walls to bring some warmth to your decorating scheme.


  1. Double Basins

Look at a lifestyle magazine or glossy houseware magazine for inspiration. If you are going to have two basins in your bathroom, they will need to match so look for similar materials.


  1. Vintage Cabinets

Bring your bathroom into the 21st century with a splash of color – this look works especially well in a shared bathroom. An upside-down chalkboard or chalkboard wall can transform a bathroom as a huge space-saving idea.


  1. Scandinavian

Whether you are looking for a Scandinavian style or want a clean slate, a neutral color scheme with pops of color will suit the space. Use pale grey tones and defined shapes to achieve this idea.


Whether you are looking for something new or trying to decorate a new house these nautical ideas will let you reach where you are trying to go. Colors, accessories, and much more are in our web store. Look for the Ambesonne’s Shower Curtains in our themes section!

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