6 Tips for Choosing Shower Curtain Decor


One of the largest design accents in the bathroom, shower curtains are the on-point accessory to make a bathroom stand out. Both functional and stylish, the shower curtains not only let you aesthetically enjoy your relaxing time but also protects the floors from water and moisture. A win-win situation, right? But, with so many options available on the market, it can be super-duper hard to find the shower curtain that works best with your bathroom. No need to worry! We are here for you to share our 7 tips for choosing shower curtain decor. This will surely help you break down your choices. Enjoy your reading!


Before diving into the designs, let’s talk about the material and the size. Remember that there’s more to choosing a shower curtain than just hanging some stylish printed fabric from the rod.


1-What is the best shower curtain material? Well, it all depends on the purpose of use, the budget, and functionality. If you want to go with a low-cost and easy to maintain option, then polyester shower curtains will work for you. Like vinyl, they are waterproof, so repel water. They are especially durable and machine washable. Not only good for the environment (we do not want our world to turn into huge garbage, right?) but also very budget-friendly, saves a lot of money in the long run. If you want to have more luxurious vibes in your bathroom, then opt for a cotton shower curtain with its soft texture look. Absorbs moisture easily, therefore do not forget to buy an extra liner. Nobody wants a damp environment in her/his private sanctuary, of course!


2-What size do you need? Besides the standard sizes (70 x 70 inches,70 x 72 inches, and 72 x 72 inches) there are also extra wide and extra long shower curtains. Your bathtub will be the decision-maker at this stage. If your tub has a custom size, the regular curtain panel size may not be the one for your shower. The simplest solution is to measure the size of your shower, leave 3 additional inches of length for rod height as well as rings to hang the curtain down a bit from the rod. By doing so, your shower curtain will be in the ideal – no touch the floor- size.

3-Are white lovers here? When choosing the decor for the room, keep in mind the color you’ve selected for the shower curtain. As the focal point of the room, the shower curtain will be the first seen thing in the room. First, you should decide whether to go with a solid color or a patterned one. Plain colors give a subtle look to the room and as you know, the color you choose makes a great impact on the space such as white or black. White will make the space more airy, open, and clean. Besides, white is a great option to use as a base color, therefore, you can embellish your bathroom with many colorful accents such as towels, countertop accessories, or bathmats.

4-We have this thing with color. Well, don’t stress, with some easy-to-follow steps, everyone can add quick fresh energy to their bathrooms with bright and bold colors. As we all know, colors can impact our moods and emotions. For example, it’s stated that blue can calm you down while green boosts relaxation. But don’t know where to start? It’s easy! Choose the color that you’d like to have in your shower curtain and then pair with a complimentary one (those that stand opposite on the color palette like red or green, yellow or purple) This method creates a balancing interior. Still, hesitating a little? Then neutrals or pastels will save you from big trouble, but still, you’ll have the color. Voila!


5-One of those who can’t give up on patterns? Apart from choosing a simple solid color, you can also mix the patterns or designs and have an eclectic personal bathroom appearance. First, you need to determine what type of style you want your room to have. Leafy patterns can greatly complement a boho-style bathroom while floral layouts can give a feminine vibe. Abstract geometric shapes look great in contemporary concepts. Cartoon animal designs can make little one’s bath time funnier. When matching with other bath accessories, consider tone-on-tone patterns. In this way, the room won’t look chaotic and unbalanced visually.

6-Top treatments also matter. Shower curtain tops might seem like tiny insignificant details. Whether with hooks or without hooks, choosing the right top material according to the rod you have in your tub will make a great difference when it comes to practicality. Shower curtains with button holes require extra curtain rings to hang it onto the rod. However, some shower curtains are made with grommet holes (metallic or hand-sewn). These types are great because they are low maintenance and easy to use.

Seems like you have learned everything about purchasing a shower curtain. If so, then time to shop. Come and check out now our wide selection of shower curtains on Ambesonne, our online store, to create the bathroom of your dreams!





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