A Kid Friendly Home: Living Room

If you have a family house with kids, is it possible to have a child-free living room? Of course not! Maybe it’s sometimes hard and exhausting but learning to live with them in harmony is not that boring. For that harmony, a kid-friendly home is one of the most important musts. So from our first article of “A Kid Friendly Home”, here are some headlines and advice for you to design a kid-friendly living room. 

Safety first

Initially, all parents want their babies to be protected. Creating a harmless place for our loved ones is the key point of this job. Rule number one: No sharp corners. You should avoid that kind of furniture. If you are redesigning the room, buy soft finished sofas and maybe you can forget about that old school rectangular coffee table. You can prefer more rounded and modern designs. But if you can’t buy new things and overhaul the already-had furniture, you can guard your kid from sharp corners with simple corner protectors that you can buy online. 


You can’t throw everything away just because you have kids. Lock things like trinkets or fragile articles to sideboards. So you can keep your kids safe as well as your stuff. The last tip we can give you is securing your tumbledown furniture to the wall; like bookshelves, TV units, etc…


Stylish and comfy

Give place to the soft seating beside your main furniture. Use poufs, sweet cushions, ottomans… They are useful and comfortable for people of all sizes! Furniture that closes to the ground is a great option for stylish and beneficial decor. They can happily lounge on them. In fact, they probably don’t even use furniture. Fluffy and shaggy rugs can be sweet and fun choices, too.


Empty some space

The living room is the place that every household spends time together and gets closer. Your children deserve to have quality time there as well as adults. You should create empty areas for them to play in. So we suggest you not to over-furnish your living room. They have a huge imagination, don’t trap their play zone to their room. Sometimes under the table can be a cave and an armchair can be a ship.  


Choose right colors

Do not choose light colors; they’ll show dirt, spills and stains which are common mishaps for a house with children. And trying to clean them is just a waste of time cause stains mostly remain. Dark colors don’t show that kind of marks. You don’t need to make concessions, dark colors always seem richer! For example, on furniture you can prefer a dark blue sofa or a charcoal grey rug. 


Show ‘em you care

Give place to their preferences in your living room decor. You can put a teepee tent to a corner; they are fun places to play in and decorative, too! You can hang and display some of their vivid paintings with chic frames. You can array their favorite books beside yours on shelves or create a contemporary wall decor with their favorite cartoon characters. You can get fun, stylish and kid-friendly for once! It doesn’t need to be filled with toys or childish things but still can be comfortable and fun for your kids.


Don’t mind the little stuff

Your toddler ruined your TV table with a spoon, left scratches behind and you find those stains so ugly. Don’t. Someday you’ll take a look at them and remember your little baby and his impishness. They are just furniture and the time is so short to be mad at your loved ones for little reasons. At some point, you see your house is besieged by toys, books and crayons… But that’s ok. Remember, you’ll miss those messy but happy days in 5 – 10 years after all his/her world becomes more personal. “Don’t sweat the small stuff and it’s all small”. 


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