When temperatures drop outside, it’s always a good idea to bring a dose of coziness and shine to our homes. If you are in search of simple, inexpensive and beautiful wintery decorating, then you have come to the right place. We’ve put together some easy-to-follow inspirational home decor ideas for you!

Remember the key is to keep your winter palette soft and classic along with charming calm details. There are many ways to capture this simplicity and to bring the living space to a level of stylized uniqueness.

To put the room in a more wintery mood, start swapping out the summery bright colored cushion covers with moodier winter-related ones. You can go with deer antler or bare tree pattern to evoke a sense of woodland chill. Modern geometrical ones are also some alternatives to feel a little bit more classic.


If you want to complete this soft display with other things, consider adding some faux fur or knit throw blankets. Play it up a little bit by tossing a plaid blanket over the couch or the bed. This will introduce warm coziness and a fresh ambience to your space.


You can also dress up your home with natural decorating pieces by using birch logs, pinecones, evergreens and more. Aside from being super easy to find, they are so versatile and look good on every corner of the house. Here are some easy craft suggestions for you;

Handmade wreaths

They are perfect for combining all these pieces in one go or separately. Though simple in design, they work in any season.

Wooden boxes or trays

As an alternative, decorating your mantel, coffee table, foyer or dining table with a rustic wooden box or a tray can be alluring. You can display pinecones, candles, mason jars and vintage items in it. Once the winter is over, you can switch them with other seasonal contents.



Don’t always go for the smooth and cozy color schemes that reflect the season. Just add a little bit of greenery accent and incorporate freshness into your winter home décor. Either artificial or real, evergreens can give an instant lively twist to the area. You can wrap your staircase, use as wall décor or simply keep them in ornamental items.  

Another instant lively twist is to accent your neutral décor with vibrant rich colors. With luminous floor rugs, sofa pillows or tapestries, you can make a big difference while enlivening the interior décor. Dark-blue greens, smoky purple, irons reds can be perfect for your winter palette. But still don’t forget to provide the color harmony while doing this. 

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