Affordable Self-Made Home Decor Ideas! (DIY on a budget)

Imagine the beauty of being the masterchef of your home decoration? The fulfilling satisfaction that comes with those flattering compliments received by guests is surely priceless. It is one thing to shop and buy, to create an alluring atmosphere but it is a whole different level to craft it step by step – and for wallet-friendly amounts too! Read through our post to grasp some hints on how to embellish your home with some smart, hand made concepts.


Illusionary bookshelf

Trick your visitors and have them believe that you have your books floating with geeky metal bookshelves. This will add a casual smart look to the corner of your living room, inspiring your guests to have a trip over to your book collection. This hand made metal tool will not only display a studious setting but will also save you a ton of space. 


Feathery chandelier

No lady can deny the utmost elegance of some fluffy feathers as women tend to have a soft spot when it comes to fancy touches. Gather some plume strips and get busy! This exquisite handmade chandelier will be an impeccable addition to your bedroom or dining room. 


Crystallized mirror 

Have you had enough of your broken or scratched cd’s? Are you in the mood to break and crack a little? We got just the right idea for you. Collect your unused, faulty cd’s, break them into pieces and design a mirror piece. This will reflect light and form beautiful color reflections while changing the aura of the room with its irresistible captivity. 


Gallery wall 

Who needs pricey wall art when there are your memories and instant shots? A gallery wall or a polaroid frame scene can be a very prime inclusion in your personal space. 


Grunge walls

Walls can leave the most significant impression when entered into a room for the first time. They are spacey, barefaced and can make or break you. Ordinary paint brushes are so long gone! Get off your couch and start working your art on those walls.


Botanical details

Nature is always a good idea when it comes to decoratives. If you are a fan of mother nature and like to feel that nurturing vibe in your home, you can consider these DIY botanical ideas.

Collect some branches, cut some toilet paper rolls or pick some flowers to plant into glass bottles. They are all simple, freshening and as cheap as it gets!

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