Every kid wants a room that will reflect their personality. Dreamers, explorers, and animal lovers – there are a million things for your child to be interested in.

Why not surprise them with one of our gorgeous wall tapestries? They’re an easy way to add lots of interest to a wall, cover up boring white space, and customize their room in a flash.

Ambesonne has the most extensive collection of designs out there. Take a look at our suggestions for ideas that will transform your favorite kid’s personal space.

For young adventurous types, it’s easy to help them plan for their next fantastic journey. Time travel?

It’s easy to turn their room into a time machine with designs like the Wild West Cowboy Kids, Ancient Pyramid Kids, or King Queen Scandinavia tapestries.

Use one or several of our fun historical designs to let your child travel through time and visit exciting eras whenever they’d like.

Each wall could be a different destination!

Wild West Cowboy Kids Wide Tapestryambesonne tapestryAncient Pyramid Kids Wide Tapestryambesonne tapestryKing Queen Scandinavia Wide Tapestryambesonne tapestry

  • For seasonal fun, turn their room into a Winter Wonderland.

It’s fun to combine the realistic beauty of a tapestry such as our Snowy Winter View or Mystical Aurora Borealis with the whimsy of the Skating Penguins style. Kids will feel like they’re in their own movie set!

Snowy Winter View Wide Tapestryambesonne tapestryMystical Aurora Borealis Wide Tapestryambesonne tapestrySkating Penguins Wide Tapestryambesonne tapestry

  • Down on the farm is sometimes hard to replicate in the city.

If you have a budding farmer on your hands, Ambesonne can help you make their room into the barnyard of their dreams! First, start out with a view like the one on our Wooden Dock Over Lake tapestry.

Now, built that farm with a whole crew of new friends like Private Detective Duck, Pig Mascot Thumbs Up, and even the bear on the Cute Bear Bees Honey Comic tapestry, dropping by for a snack!

Wooden Dock Over Lake Wide Tapestryambesonne tapestryPrivate Detective Duck Wide Tapestryambesonne tapestryPig Mascot Thumbs Up Wide Tapestryambesonne tapestryCute Bear Bees Honey Comic Wide Tapestryambesonne tapestry

  • Future zookeepers will just love the wide variety of animals that are printed on our products. 

Let them live out their dreams of a menagerie with styles such as the busy Childish Fauna tapestry, and the bold zebra on our Colorful Exotic Funny design. For young ones who just enjoy color and big bold images, we have some great tapestries to deck those nursery walls with.

Complement those cheerful color schemes with an adorable Circus Show With Pony, Teddy Bear With Balloon, or Sketch Amsterdam wall covering. 

Childish Fauna Wide Tapestry

ambesonne tapestryColorful Exotic Funny Wide Tapestryambesonne tapestryCircus Show With Pony Wide Tapestryambesonne tapestryTeddy Bear With Baloon Wide Tapestryambesonne tapestrySketch Amsterdam Wide Tapestryambesonne tapestry

Big impact – easy style – happy kids – could there be any more reasons to love our tapestries? Explore all our designs for inspiration and you’re certain to find something to transform your child’s room into a personalized paradise!

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