Are you tired of your boring and dull living room curtains which you have lived with for the past decade? Do you wanna shake things up, be more modern? In that case, you probably reached for an interior design catalogue but flipping through one could make you feel overwhelmed with how many possibilities you have. But we are here to simplify things. Here are 5 modern curtain design ideas, some bold, some simple but sophisticated, that you can use to freshen up your living space

1- Curtains with Animal Patterns

If you want to use an animal patterned curtain in the living room (leopard, zebra, etc.), you should choose the color of your living room collection in accordance with the pattern you choose, either in brown or white. In this way, you will achieve a harmony between colors.

You can concentrate on a particular theme inspired by African and Asian styles while using the leopard pattern. Like in an African savanna, you can even apply an acacia tree pattern on the edges of your walls. If you leave the floor of the room dark, a leopard-patterned curtain will show itself better. On an ivory colored sofa, you can provide continuity with leopard print throw pillows.

2- Using Romantic Colors

If you want to use more romantic tones in your curtain selection, red would be the best choice.When you use red with accents of white you highlight the main color of your curtain better. You can also use red as the accent color and white as the neutral background.

If you prefer wood furniture such as chestnut, beech or redwood, you can use these colors in the curtain selection. With these woods, a red velvet curtain creates a beautiful look. However, you should prefer light and soft tones such as ivory in your wall and carpet colors.

3- Curtains with colors of the rainbow

If you want to use the colors of the rainbow in your curtain, you should choose softer colors for the couches and the accessories, doing so will reveal the vividness of the curtain with all the magnificent colors of the rainbow.

You can also use long curtains with a white background color that is patterned with shapes in rainbow colors when you want to attract attention to it when entering into the room. They will be the main point of your accessories.

4- Use of pastel and light toned curtains

If you want to go back to basics and embrace simplicity, pastel and light colors are exactly for you. They are among the most preferred tones in 2018. If you want to show the interior of your home brighter and more spacious, curtains with those colors will address your needs. 

When choosing curtains, many factors such as the size and type of the windows, the color and style of the furniture can guide. But as any interior designer can tell you, it gets more difficult the more things you have inside a room to consider. For this reason, many decorators choose a curtain with colors that have little risk such as white, beige or champagne. Shades of white are always in style and they create a unifying basis for all your other furniture as well. 

5- Botanical patterned curtains

When you start looking for a curtain, you will also come across a selection of curtains with botanical patterns. These botanical patterns will provide you with inner comfort by making you feel that you are more in nature. But I would only suggest those patterns for rooms that get a lot of natural light, because otherwise the pattern of the curtain could make the room feel crowded.

When choosing a curtain, we recommend you choose the best one for your own home design rather than looking at the trends of that year because the curtain patterns have a direct positive or negative effect on the appearance of the rooms. For example, this year floral and tropical patterned curtains are very fashionable. However, these patterns will not be appropriate if you have a small living space. For homes with small and low ceilings, plain and minimal patterns and solid colors should be used so as not to overcrowd an already small space. 

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