Choosing the right bedroom curtains is a must if you want to have a pleasant, peaceful place to rest at the end of a long day. Color, design, and fabric all affect how you feel when you step into your personal hideaway. Here are some factors to consider as you make your selection.

1. Coordinate with Your Palette

What is the color palette of your room? Look at the color of the walls, the carpet, and the bedding. Your curtains don’t have to match the other colors in your bedroom, but they should coordinate with them well. Avoid contrasts that are too sharp. One way to coordinate is to choose one of the main colors of the room and select patterned curtains that have one or more of those colors within their design.

2. Protect Your Privacy

For a bedroom, you need privacy. Curtains that are made of thick fabric help. Mostly white curtains usually don’t work well unless they’re very thick. Curtains with deeper, richer colors and intricate designs are less likely to allow people outside to see into your room. You also need to get curtains long enough that they cover your windows completely.

3. Make It Restful

Whatever else you might do in your bedroom, you’ll sleep in there. You need a restful ambiance. Gentle colors, soft fabrics, and peaceful images create a feeling of relaxation and comfort. You can also select printed curtains that show relaxing images, like a beach scene.

4. Express Your Personality

There’s nothing more freeing than being who you are without apology. Use your curtains to express the inner you. If you favor modern art, choose a curtain with an abstract design. Are you a true romantic? Why not choose a curtain with hearts or flowers? Look within to find the pattern and colors that say, “I am me in this room.”

5. Celebrate the Season

You don’t have to choose a curtain and keep it up forever. Try to change it up during special times of the year. You can find curtains with Christmas trees, wrapped packages, and holiday ornaments. Or, celebrate spring with a curtain bursting with lovely pastels. For summer, choose a beach scene.

6. Choose Quality

No matter what colors and designs you choose, you won’t be happy with the curtains if they aren’t high-quality curtains. Choose curtains made of durable fabric that can be cleaned easily. Curtains should have that high-quality feel when you touch them. Any printed patterns on the curtains should be colorfast so that they retain their beauty. Fortunately, you can find inexpensive curtains that are also high-quality curtains.

Curtains add warmth and comfort to any room. When you choose curtains that suit your style and fit in with the colors of your room, you can feel freer and more relaxed. With beautiful, high-quality curtains in your bedroom, you’ll find that the stress of the day melts as you step through your bedroom door. 

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