As we all know, the bedroom is our most personal space and where we spend most of our time. In this case, it is normal to feel, from time to time, the need to rearrange the room. To do so, of course, you don’t have to spend thousands of dollars. All you need is just to play up the look with some budget-friendly decorating tips. Here are some elegant but affordable ideas that won’t break your bank!

First things first, decide on what theme to go with or what you need the most in your bedroom. Some colorful embellishing? A little bit of personalization? Or just Scandinavian inspired simple and peaceful touches? That way, you won’t feel lost on how to start while adding a little style to your bedroom.

Live Plants

Adding lush greenery is the easiest and the most effortless way to bring in some vivid color and freshness to the room. You can display them on your nightstand or hang them from the ceiling. Besides, houseplants generate oxygen and help filter the air.


Pillows are undoubtedly the focal point of the room. There are many alternatives of shapes, color, patterns and textures when it comes to pillow arrangement.  But the most affordable way is to go with pillow covers. Use a pattern that goes together with your tone-on-tone bedroom look or be brave and style your bed with non-uniform opposite colors.


Wall Décor

If you feel like there is something missing in your room, it’s likely due to a lack of wall décor. A simple gallery wall will surely make the room look more personal and stylized. You can customize your own piece of art with screen printing and make a DIY frame for it. But don’t forget to consider the colors of certain things in the room and make sure the artwork is simple.

You can also create a visual interest by hanging a tapestry. It is so ideal especially for renters who need a simple design. Besides, it will give a cozy colorful look and add some depth.


Rustic Elements

A modern rustic style in your bedroom will bring the outdoors in while embracing the cozy and serene elegant décor. There are many alternative usages with reclaimed branches. Wall art décor, hanger and jewelry stand are just some of them. What is more, you can find the right materials right in your backyard!

Along with the wooden pieces, woven accents will also help you go toward a more natural homemade theme. As a styling device for beds, wool or knit throw blankets can give that rustic, yet warm look you desire.


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