Delicate Beauty: Butterflies in Decoration

When it comes to decorating your home, butterflies cannot be left behind. Fluttering among the air on their way to the flower garden and landing on the green or the blue color of the walls can just add so much cheer to your home decor. So, if you want to add a burst of color to your interiors or make your home feel like a different world, why not consider decorating it with these beautiful and graceful butterflies? Here are some ideas:


* Even make your wallpaper butterflies out of craft paints and thread. For example, you can make a butterfly-shaped paper effect on your wall.


* If you are fond of murals, you can get a butterfly and paint it on your wall with color and allow your guests to let themselves be mesmerized by it.


* You can even make a butterfly out of paper clay and hang it on your wall. Give it a gentle and warm touch to create a royal look.


* You can place candles made from pure beeswax orchid in the rooms.


* You can hang fringed butterflies in the open space like a chandelier or along the walls.


* You can make a butterfly wind chime and hang it at your window to add a beautiful touch to your decor.


A Time-Tested Decor Idea

The use of the butterfly motif in decoration dates to the classical era. It can be found on the ceiling, walls, rooms, etc. The Latin word for butterfly, coleus, literally means “of wax.” But it was still unknown how butterflies were made of wax. We know how they create the glass element, but we do not know the process before. Here are how the ancient ones did it. The mummified butterfly would be pressed against a glass pane so that the wax would appear between the wings. This technique is still used today for the decorative fabricating of glass.


Modern Decorative Elements with Butterfly

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You will be amazed by the soothing and pure beauty of the designs of these butterflies. It is something different from the standard wall hanging, and it will help you in getting your desired look without spending a lot of money.

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