Science lovers have tended to be ignored when it comes to interior décor. Yet, science can be exciting for science enthusiasts and relaxing for those who make science their world. It’s about time scientific images get some attention!

Here are 9 super stylish ways to add the periodic table to your home environment.

1- Classic Vivid Duvet Cover Setperiodic duvet coverThis duvet set gives your room a bright, light look. The white background promotes restfulness, while vivid colors of the periodic table design add a touch of interest and warmth. It’s great for teens and full-fledged scientists alike.

2- Modern Vibrant Shower Curtainperiodic table shower curtainNothing says fresh and clean like a crisp white shower curtain. This one has a stunning design that displays the periodic table of elements in colored squares.

3- Monochrome Science Duvet Cover Setperiodic table duvet cover setDo you prefer a simpler color scheme? If so, this duvet cover set with a pure white background and the plain black periodic table will suit your style beautifully. The design is repeated on the cover and both pillow covers.

4- Periodic Table Elements Wide Tapestryperiodic table of the elements for wall decorThis gorgeous tapestry is just right for people who find excitement in scientific images like the periodic table. Coordinate with the colors of the element squares or choose a neutral palette matching the white background and black text. 

5- Tv Show Theme Chemistry Tableclothperiodic table tableclothTime for a social gathering with the local science crowd? Just spread this science-themed tablecloth on the nearest table. Your friends are sure to enjoy the abstract design of elements on the simple blue background.

6-Periodic Table Tablecloth Science Elements Printed Table Coverperiodic table tableclothIf you prefer your periodic table to look more orderly and conventional, choose this slate gray tablecloth. The table of elements is featured in white letters and numbers. It’s a more elegant design that’s just right for a more formal event.

7-School Life Kids Tapestryperiodic table tapestryThe school years are a wonderful time for scientific exploration. Young students are getting their first taste of how the natural world works. They’ll enjoy this white and black tapestry featuring different-sized element squares arranged in an interesting design. 

8-Science Letters Shower Curtainshower curtain and scienceEven if you know the periodic table backward and forward, you may have to spell it out to your less science-savvy friends. This shower curtain repeats the letters S-C-I-E-N-C-E three times. Each letter contains information from the periodic table, but it’s also a great decorating idea.

9-Vintage Cartoon Pillow Cover

periodic table pillowScience is fun, right? So, why not choose this cartoon-style pillow cover for your living room or your child’s bedroom? The element squares cover a white background in zany pinks and blues. Your kids will love this pillow cover, and hey, you’ll love it, too!

Bring your fascination with science into your home with high-quality periodic table textiles. Your décor will have the most unique and interesting design of your entire social set.

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