Specify Separate Areas

If your place is small, marking obvious separate sections will look convenient. It creates an illusion for largeness and modern-crossing looks. You can easily generate this view with area rugs, folding screens or bookcases.


Prefer Rounded and Versatile Furniture

Use circular chairs and sofas to bring trendy vibes. They will add softness. You’ll earn space with soft corners, too. Built-in wardrobes and upper cupboards will help you.


Use Art and Personality

Instead of rush-maker little pieces prefer bold and larger wall decor. It’ll make your walls the focal point of the room and save it from the crowded and jammed appearance. Sometimes flat and basic designs can give a hotel room feeling. So adding personal stuff like books, candles will help you to get rid of this look.


Be a Smart Color Picker

Neutral tones are always stylish and modern alternatives! Combining those soft tones with vivid details is even better! Again, for more space illusion, prefer pastel colors. 


Shuffle the Stuff

Living in a small place and basic details can be a little bit suffocating. So set a time like once a year or twice in 6 months and make some changes on your place. Redecorating the furniture or adding some simple new details will give you what you want. 

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