How to decorate with nature inspired shower curtains

Do you think you are in love with nature? Now, you can have it in your bathroom designs! Bringing the natural world into your bathroom helps create a healthy, relaxing place in your house, space away from the busy life. The nature-inspired design makes you feel like you are bathing in a rainforest. It also promotes a sense of well being.


A typical bathroom should be a place that you enjoy spending time in. After the tiredness of the work and all-day stress, the bathroom is the place where you can release your feelings freely, and relax with a pleasant atmosphere. Although we sometimes neglect this, we still have the chance to adopt a new decoration idea! We provide you some inspiration as to how to create a nature-inspired bathroom design by incorporating elements of shower curtains, wallpapers, plants, and wooden materials.


Nature-Themed Shower Curtains

The shower curtains will be the main tool of your nature-themed decoration idea. It is the quickest and cheapest way to refresh and change the appearance of your bathroom. You have the opportunity to choose the pattern of your shower curtain. Whether it is a tree shower curtain or a plant-themed curtain and shower curtains will be your main decoration item. 


If you have the nature-themed shower curtain you desire, you will need to determine the remaining details according to it. Colors are an important detail that will determine your choice. The color that you choose has a massive effect on how natural it feels. Some colors are much more likely to ensure a calm place than others. 

While green tones are great biophilic colors, there are also other colors that can remind you of your favorite landscapes. To create your own color palette, start with a landscape image you like and choose the color swatches that channel the same essence of your chosen photo. Glacial lakes in blue tones, mountains in brown & red tones, etc. 



The natural world is where you can find true beauty. Use some bathroom plants to have a natural touch! Plants are nature’s best results and incorporating plenty of them into your bathroom may have many positive effects. Many research shows that having plants growing in your bathroom may offer relief from stress and depression.


Add plants to your room design, including larger ones placed in pots on the floor and smaller ones dotted about your surfaces. If you don’t have any shelf space, you could even add hanging baskets, a living wall or you could even make your own terrarium.



Using plants in your bathroom is a great way to increase the indoor oxygen level, and they also create a gorgeous display to enjoy day after day. Aloe vera, orchids, and spider plants are ideal for bathrooms, especially if they’re well heated, as they thrive in humidity and will bloom for weeks at a time.


Wooden Furniture

Instead of spending thousands on genuine materials, you can create a natural look with a range of manmade wooden furniture. Bathroom furniture inspired by nature is likely to result in a calming, balanced environment ideal for relaxation. 

No matter your unique design preferences, opting to add natural wood to the traditionally cool feel of a bathroom is a no-fail way to make it warmer and natural.


Here are some ideas that we will find helpful about decorating your living space. Are you feel full of inspiration but can’t find any online home decor shopping site? You can see the home decor wonderland of Ambesonne and start to shop for your dream home! Click now!



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