Curtains add a beautiful accent to your home décor. Curtains with interesting designs in attractive colors can bring life to an ordinary room. Yet, if you don’t iron them properly, the wrinkles cause an unwanted distraction. All you notice is the messy appearance. The solution is simple: Learn how to iron your curtains the right way. 

Here are some tips for removing wrinkles from new or freshly-washed curtains.

1. Choose High-Quality Curtains

Getting the right curtains is the first step. Ambesonne curtains, for example, are 100% Turkish made polyester panels that are soft, sturdy, and tend not to wrinkle. The unique printed designs look lovely in any room. 

2. Iron Your Curtains on the Rod

Many people make the mistake of trying to iron their curtains on an ironing board. The problem is that the ironing board isn’t big enough to iron most curtains. As you move from one section to the next, the earlier sections get wrinkled. 

So, put your curtains on the curtain rod to iron them. You can use Ambesonne curtains for room dividers, door coverings, or wall hangings. If this is your goal, you can simply hang them wherever you want to put them.

3. Check Ironing Instructions

Before you begin ironing, check the manufacturer’s cleaning instructions. If the instructions say you can’t use steam on them, you’ll have to take them to the dry cleaner. Otherwise, note if the tag says a whether you can steam with a warm or hot iron. 

4. Use the Right Equipment

You can use a steam iron, a hand-held steamer, or a garment steamer. If you use a regular steam iron, make sure you have one that’s 1400 watts and that it can produce steam while held vertically. You also need a plant mister. If you can get de-wrinkling spray from a professional drapery installer, so much the better. You’ll also need to wear long sleeves to avoid getting burnt by the steam.

5. Spray and Straighten

Using your plant mister set on fine mist or the de-wrinkling spray, spray one section of the curtains from top to bottom. Smooth the fabric with your hand and tug at the bottom of the curtain. However, if the curtains still have wrinkles, go ahead and iron them.

6. Iron a Section at a Time

Run the steam iron or steamer from top to bottom of one section after you’ve sprayed it with warm water or de-wrinkling spray. When you finish with one section, move on to the next.

7. Don’t Try to Spot-Iron a Crease

If you still have distinct creases, be patient. Trying to iron over and over just on that one spot can shrink the fabric in that one part of the curtain. Instead, let the curtains hang for a few days and do the entire process again.

With the right curtain choice, you’re on your way to a beautiful room. Simply get the right equipment, follow the fabric care instructions, and use a good steamer to eliminate wrinkles. Your room will look better than you ever imagined!

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