You can call it amethyst, lilac, violet, or just plain purple – it’s going to be one of the top home colors in 2019, and it is powerful. Purple has an appeal that stretches across all ages and personality types, and that makes it a terrific choice when searching for gifts.

People who love the color might have a difficult time finding just the right shades for their decor scheme, and this is where Ambesonne will become your favorite shopping source for home textiles. No matter what your gift recipient’s style, interests, or palette, you will have no problem scoping out the most perfect items for any type of occasion.

The qualities most associated with this shade are mystical, sweet, and relaxing. Who wouldn’t want a bit of each of these in their life? Here’s a quick guide to helping you select a gift with the right purple panache for anyone you know.

1- Exotic Touches

If you need a gift for someone who is always planning their next trip on another continent, our Mandala Floral Boho Wide Tapestry or our Paisley Animal Shower Curtain both add a lot of exotic flavor for the money. The purple shades and mesmerizing patterns also look great mixed and matched with designs like the Horoscope Symbol Floral Wide Tapestry, or the Ornamental Swirls Teardrop Tablecloth.purple tapestrypurple shower curtainpurple tapestrypurple tableclothpurple tapestrypurple shower curtain2-Sweet as a Lavender Field

Sometimes a love for purple starts early, and the sweetness of simple times is carried over with designs such as our Funny Animals Tablecloth. It has an appeal for all ages, and is perfect for special parties. Another of our designs has room for both the big and little bears you know – the Mother Child Stars Tablecloth is both stunning and useful. You can carry out the color scheme throughout the house with a set of curtains like our Stripe Horizontal Lines pattern. It blends beautifully with all shades of purple.purple tableclothspurple tableclothpurple curtainpurple tablecloth

3-Relaxed and Soothing

Do you know someone who makes their home an oasis of calm, or maybe just a friend who needs more serenity in their life – as soon as possible? Help them achieve their goals with purple tones and the perfect graphic to help soothe their souls. Every shower will feel like a spa experience if they have a Purple Ombre Lotus Art or a Happy Day with Flowers Shower Curtain. A design like our Sea Ocean Marine Wide Tapestry will look great over a sofa or bed – the simple lines of a seashell are so relaxing to look at.

purple shower curtainpurple shower curtainpurple tapestrypurple curtainNo matter what kind of personality your purple-loving friend has, you’ll be able to tap into their favorite looks with our huge selection of home textile designs. Check out just this small sample of what we offer!


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