Trying to decorate a small room in your house is one of the hardest things in the world. Because its imperative that you make the room look bigger for your  comfort. Don’t be confused as to how you could make a small room look bigger. You won’t have to perform any magic 🙂 What you have to do is very simple. Just listen carefully and carry out our suggestions about interior design one by one 🙂

Let’s begin!

1- Don’t use too much stuff

Because you have limited space, you don’t need too much furniture. So get rid of the things you don’t need and make room for people to move around. 

2- Avoid dark colors

Dark-colored furnitures, dark-colored carpets and a dark-colored wall… How did you feel when you heard those words? I’m sure even hearing them was enough to stress you out. Because the biggest problem with dark colors is that they narrow down the space and make it gloomy.

Therefore, especially your walls need to be in a lighter shade. They will give your room a spacious feel.

PS: When choosing your wall color you could use light blue, white and mint green.

3- Use mirrors

Using mirrors in a small room is one of the most significant tricks you can use to make the room seem bigger. Because mirrors reflect natural and artificial lights and create the illusion of a wider and deeper space. Making your room spacious in the process.

4- Don’t forget the lighting

A small room with insufficient lighting could make you feel like you are living inside a cave. That’s why our tiny room should have at least three light sources which will give the room a visual expanse.

5- Get your tv mounted on a wall   

One of the biggest problems of a small room is of course the lack of space. We need room to place the most essential things. Consequently, we don’t need unnecessary things like tv stands on our floor when we could mount our tv on a wall. 

6- Use foldable furnitures

You might want to put a dinner table or a desk in your room. But just like in the tv example, tables cover lots of floorspace. So you will benefit a lot from choosing foldable tables and chairs.

7- Use light colored curtains

A light colored curtain will maximize the natural light in the room and get rid of the dark corners that limits the space. By giving you more light, it will help you overcome the sense of smallness in the room.

8- Use striped carpets or rugs

A striped carpet or a rug will elongate your room, making it seem longer than it actually is.

9- Choose footed sofas and coffee tables

Have as open a space as possible by choosing footed sofas and coffee tables. Because the light will be able to spread around the floor, your room will seem much more capacious.

10- Curtains and walls should be the same color

When your curtains are the same color as your walls, rather than getting into your existing space, they will blend in with the walls and make your living room seem bigger.

Thats it! If you live in a small house or you have a small room in your house that you would like to use to its full potential, utilize the interior design secrets we just shared with you and see the change 🙂

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