Ladies Prefer Bag: Find the Perfect Valentine’s Day Gift

Valentine’s Day is coming up and if you can’t decide what to buy for your girl, we are here for you! Do you want to buy a gift that makes you look like you really understand a woman’s soul? Bags are the answer! 

1. Messenger Bags

It’s not bulky like a backpack and not too ladylike like a handbag, it’s what a girl is looking for sometimes. During a little day trip, you can’t strive to carry a handbag or you can’t carry a backpack when you need to set a more sophisticated but still a casual look. Still, you can always finish your combination with some stylish and handy messenger bags!


2. Backpacks

They are always peppy and versatile! It’s so hard to find a piece that delivers convenience and fashion together like a backpack does!

Throughout years, a backpack has changed forms and after being a sportive element, was adapted to be a stylish and chic part of casual outfits.


3. Tote Bags

A tote bag is certainly what every “IT GIRL” needs! I know you boys, you didn’t understand what it means; just google it please, thank you XOXO. Tote bags can seem a bit ordinary but nowadays with exclusive designs and rise of the street style, they became a trend.

4. Purse

These little money bags are maybe not so useful for every day but a simplistic one can be used while paying a short visit to the grocery store, when you need to take just money and your phone with you. A chain strapped one can be used for a night out, again when you need to just take money and your phone with you.

5. Shopping Bags

Maybe, at first sight, it does not look like a brilliant and a romantic gift idea but when you buy a shopping bag for your girlfriend or wife, it’ll show you as an earthy, nature loving and a caring boyfriend or husband who wants to help the daily chores at home.

6. Bumbags

Bumbags are so hot! They are so swanky in a good way as well as comfortable. If you decide to purchase a bumbag to your valentine, she’ll probably think you put a lot of effort, swooping through numerous magazines to pick her the utmost trendy gift.

7. Handbags

It’s a classic. A handbag is a must piece for a lady’s closet. It carries a lot more than you think guys… So giving a handbag to a woman as a gift, will definitely make her happy! 

8. Clutches

Clutches are always a bold fashion choice. A bag without a strap is maybe not that useful but surely so sassy. At weddings, parties and balls; girls shine like a diamond with a high fashion clutch!

9. Shoulder Bags

With its long strap and room for daily items, a shoulder bag is a life saver. It gives urban and smart glows to the outfit. Not so big and not so little, plus easy to carry… What else can a girl want?

10. Gym Bags

It can be a sweet present if you have a sportive partner or if you want to cheer her to start the gym. A gym bag can say a lot about you, so knowing your girl’s taste is so important.

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