Gal pals, girlfriends, Mom – Christmas is practically here, and you are stressing out on gift ideas, are we right? Thought so! Well, deliver yourself from worrying about how to find the right present for all the women in your life, because Ambesonne has something for everyone on your list. 

There’s no way that you can pull off a one-size-fits-all approach to gifts for the fabulous females in your life. And you shouldn’t! We’ve rummaged around through Santa’s inventory to find goodies for each and every person you’re shopping for. 

The Super Hostess

Do you know someone who is the life of the party, always ready with the invitations, first to offer up their place for any social event? Help a lady out by contributing to her stock of holiday table settings and buffet set-ups. Ambesonne has a nearly limitless selection of holiday tablecloths that will suit any style of gathering. 

From festive ornaments to folk-style reindeer, set her up with a table covering that can be used season after season. If she’s the type of party-giver who likes to spread Christmas cheer all through her home, you can also include one of our charming pillow covers in a retro-style print. It’s sure to fit in easily with all the other holiday decor, and can handle whatever guests throw at it.

The Fun Friend

Your friend with the whimsical sense of humor will totally enjoy one of our extensive collection of themed wall tapestries. They’re suitable for any interest or any style – they make a wonderful backdrop for holiday photos, or a cool Christmas tree skirt. 

If you have more than one friend, there’s plenty to choose from – wrap up some fake photo prop mustaches with our Santa Mustache tapestry, gift a backdrop of festive ornaments, or go more classic. Don’t forget about our amazing selection of shower curtains – who cannot get a giggle out of Santa on a Vespa, or in a biplane. Talk about getting in the mood for that holiday party! Package one up with some peppermint-scented shower gel, and she’s set!

The Cherished Guests

Set up your visiting loved ones for a special surprise on their bed. Cozy up Mom or your sister in the guest bed with one of our seriously cute holiday duvet sets. VIP treatment is pretty darned special when you customize their slumber time with stylish pups or gingerbread dreams. 

Really, they’re so comfy and cute, they’ll want to keep using them long after the holidays. And, who could blame them? Include some warm holiday socks to keep the theme going.

Pull your last minute gift list together with the help of our amazing designs for every type of woman you know. One-stop shopping is one of Santa’s secrets, you know! 

1- Cartoon Cute House Duvet Cover Setchristmas gift2- Christmas Tree Style Pillow Cover3- Cute Toy Snowman Tree Shower Curtainchristmas gift4- Funny Dog Sunglasses Duvet Cover Setchristmas gift5- Icons Rabbits Candles Pillow Coverchristmas gift6- Nordic Retro Borders Duvet Cover Setchristmas gift7- Nordic Retro Borders Shower Curtainchristmas gift8- Reindeer Snowflake Tableclothchristmas gift9- Reindeers Borders Pillow Coverchristmas gift10- Retro Graphic Baubles Wide Tapestrychristmas gift11- Santa Claus Airline Shower Curtainchristmas gift12- Santa on Motorcycle Shower Curtainchristmas gift13- Snowy Land Pines Moon Duvet Cover Setchristmas gift


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