Living room curtains can be visually appealing rather than plain and boring. All you need is the right image printed on a high-quality curtain. 

Here are 16+ styles that will improve your mood and wow your friends.

1-Mountain Themed Curtains

Mountains have been called majestic, and that’s a good word for them. The most important element of each of the following curtains is the large, impressive image of mountains.

  • Chinese Mountain Tree  an artistic representation of a large tree with a mountain behind it. ambesonne curtain
  • Mountain and Road – a scene with a road leading to the base of a mountain with an inspirational saying.ambesonne curtain
  • Mountains of Colorado a vibrant, colorful photo-quality print of mountains, trees, and roaring waters.ambesonne curtain
  • Park in Argentina – the gray clouds above only enhance the mystical mood of dark mountains rising above a round natural pool. ambesonne curtain

2-City Scene Curtains

City scenes bring a note of interest and fascination to an ordinary room. The following curtains depict scenes of civilizations old and new.

3-Water Themed Curtains

Whether lakes, rivers, or oceans; bodies of water hold a unique type of fascination. 

Here are four water themed curtains.

  • Jackson Lake in USA a gorgeous image of a bright sun shining over purple mountains and reflecting in the shimmering lake below.ambesonne curtain
  • Boat Poda Island Thai a lovely view of the ocean with a Thai-style watercraft.ambesonne curtain
  • Swiss Lake Sunrise the gentle curves in this image of mountains and lake create a sense of calm.ambesonne curtain
  • Moraine Lake Sunset it may be sunset, but the sky is still bright and reflects the mountains in the still blue waters.ambesonne curtain

4-Sky and Weather View Curtains

Take a look at the sky. You’ll see a wonderland of vivid colors and visual effects. When you look at these curtains, think of the beauty of the sky.

  • Fall Seasons Mountains a design showing the autumn sun shining through the branches of a tree with mountains in the background.ambesonne curtain
  • Foggy Morning Scenery a beautiful atmospheric piece with a stone bridge, a rustic building, and mountain peaks, all shrouded in fog.ambesonne curtain
  • Alps Rainbow Morning this photographic image of a rainbow over the mountains takes on a magical look with its winding road and vivid hues.ambesonne curtain
  • Calm Sunset River a stylized coral print showing the sun setting behind a mountain with dark river plants in the foreground.ambesonne curtain

5-Desert, Beach, and Farm Themed Curtains

The land takes many forms. From desert to beach to farm, each area has its own individual appeal. These curtains show their charms beautifully.

Dressing up your living room with beautiful curtains is a breeze. With these attractive nature scenes, you can bring the natural world inside your home.


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