Images of mandalas have crept into our decorating in recent years. Some appreciate their soothing visual qualities – like a good painting, their features allow the eye to keep moving around the image.

Others simply enjoy the exotic quality of a good mandala pattern.  They work well with the patterns of many textiles and can add a sumptuous feel to an interior that draws influences from all over the world.

Many just appreciate the colors and shapes that are involved – Ambesonne’s selection of designs will allow even the most subtle of color palettes to find a pattern that works with it.

No matter what the use is, our selection has a mandala art design that will please anyone, and they come on tapestries, curtains, shower curtains, and pillow covers that will work in any part of your home. They’re a terrific gift for anyone with wanderlust or a search for serenity in their lives. There’s a color scheme for everyone.

Big Impact

Some love the cheery colors of tie-dye shirts, tropical flowers, and vivid pieces of art. Just explore our selection of patterns in intense hues for another punch of color. It’s easy to wake up any wall with our cheery tapestry prints, like the Cinnamon Bloom, Wide Stripes, or Eastern Pattern wide tapestries.

Primary colors in the bath are always fun, and it’s not always necessary to stick to traditional themes to use them. Make your shower stand out with shower curtains in the Scales and Dots, Petals, or Thriving Spring print. They’ll give you a nice charge of color, and make sure that your day gets off to an energetic start.

Cinnamon Bloom Wide Tapestrymandala tapestryEastern Pattern Wide Tapestrymandala tapestryScales And Dots Shower Curtainmandala shower curtainPetals In Vibrant Colors Shower Curtainmandala shower curtainThriving Spring Shower Curtainmandala shower curtainPeaceful Pastels

Not all decors need to hit maximum power with their colors. You can still enjoy the soothing qualities and intriguing feel of mandala themed decor while staying within a more pastel color scheme.

The Abstract Lotus wide tapestry style would look terrific on a wall over a couch, neatly accented with throw pillows covered in a style like our Pastel Spiritual Print or Vivid Bohemian motif. These are all exotically influenced color palettes that get the point across without clashing or dominating the room. 

Abstract Lotus Wide Tapestrymandala tapestryPastel Spiritual Print Pillow Covermandala pillowVivid Bohemian Motif Pillow Covermandala pillowPerfect Parchment Tones

One of the loveliest accents in a decor filled with treasures from around the world is often the subdued earth tones of parchment and henna. You can easily add these with our mandala patterns in similar colors.  

Your woven rug will look marvelous with our curtain sets that feature lovely patterns like the brown toned Flower Detail or Antique Tribal prints.  They pair beautifully with the Vintage Ethnic pillow cover. The Circles Zentangle and Stylized Leaves sets look great either open or closed, with their warm color tones and large design.

Your bath can feel just as exotic with a shower curtain set in a nature-themed mandala print like Flowers Leaves Stems. 

Flower Detail Curtainmandala curtainAntique Tribal Curtainmandala curtainVintage Ethnic Pillow Covermandala pillowCircles Zentangle Curtainmandala curtainStylized Leaves Star Curtainmandala curtainFlower Leaves Stems Shower Curtainmandala shower curtain
Bringing a bit of mandala magic into your home is easy and fun with our big print selection. Browse through our selections below and come up with your own exotic ideas!

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