Are you looking for that perfect gift for your globe-trotting friend? How about a colorful piece that will add life to your classroom?

Would you like a pleasant reminder of your past and future adventures? Or does someone young in your life dream about sailing the globe? 

Ambesonne has an incredible variety of world map wall tapestries that will work in any environment, and keep any type of adventurer intrigued.

Here are a few ways to use some of our most popular designs to liven up your wall space. 

1- Classically Cool

World maps have been part of the wall decor for centuries – it was a badge of the well-to-do that they were on display. If your personal style tends to be more classic, check out some of our amazing vintage looks.

Wall tapestries can add richness and visual interest to a room that boasts a modern-day cabinet of curiosities or a selection of antiques. 

The subdued tones of our Vintage Earth Continents design are perfect for a soft backdrop. Adding some on-point historical details that include navigation instruments and fantastic illustrations, the Old Atlas and Antique Treasure Map styles provide a perfect place to sit in front of with a historical novel and your imagination.

The colorful Sun Sky Birds Clouds graphic is a work of art on its own merits. 

Vintage Earth Continents Wide Tapestrytapestry by ambesonneHistoric Old Atlas Wide Tapestrytapestry by ambesonneAged Antique Treasure Map Wide Tapestrytapestry by ambesonneSun Sky Birds Clouds Wide Tapestrytapestry by ambesonne2- Smart and Stylish

Even a classroom can benefit from wall art that is both educational and attractive. Ambesonne’s wonderful world map graphics are a terrific way to add color to classroom walls.

Thinking about a “thank you” gift for a favorite teacher? Check out our cool and updated designs.

The Topographic Education style tapestry educates in the classic world map style – countries, oceans, and boundaries are all attractively presented. Our detailed Political Map graphic is a great way to painlessly learn the locations and shapes of countries and continents, as well as our Colorful Political Worldwide style.

For general continent locations, our Continents World Watercolor and our Vivid Indigo World Graphic provide a nice way to blend with classroom color schemes while still reinforcing the world map locations.

Topographic Education Wide Tapestrytapestry by ambesonneDetailed Political Colorful Wide Tapestrytapestry by ambesonneColorful Political World Wide Tapestrytapestry by ambesonneContinents World Watercolor Wide Tapestrytapestry by ambesonneVivid Indigo World Graphic Wide Tapestrytapestry by ambesonne3-Growing Up Global

A wonderful way to encourage any child to explore the world and to develop awareness of the way the globe is laid out is to make an attractive map available to them as they grow.

We have some colorful, fun and education styles available that will be perfect for any child’s room.

Check out our bright World Global Continents, Educational Modern, or Poly Art Rainbow designs to introduce the world colorfully on a wall. For a bit of whimsy and a way to spark conversations and learning, our Cartoon Europe Map provides landmarks and fun, and our Boho Food Symbols style will provoke interest in culture and cooking.

Good looks, art, and learning – what a great combination!

World Global Continents Wide Tapestrytapestry by ambesonneEducational Modern Wide Tapestrytapestry by ambesonneLow Poly Art Rainbow Color Wide Tapestrytapestry by ambesonneCartoon Europe Map Landmark Wide Tapestrytapestry by ambesonneBoho Food Symbols Wide Tapestrytapestry by ambesonne

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