When you love music, it’s only natural that you’d like to surround yourself with it, right? We’re not talking about speakers and instruments, we mean your decor! Practice room, bedroom, bar space or couch, Ambesonne is here to add style to your space.

If you’re shopping for a musician friend, it can be hard to find something that’s useful, fun and personalized.

  • Actually, it’s hard to incorporate those into any gift, but we have some great ideas in our throw pillow cover designs. What’s not to love about a gift that can change up the look of your sofa or chair so easily? We’ve rounded up some of our freshest designs to mix or match. The Love Sound Headphones look is a little bit retro, and lot of fabulous, with its shiny red phones and heart motif. It’s easy to express your love of explosive entrances with our Flying Notes Album Dance cover, with a nod to LP albums. Take the volume down a few levels with the look of our Meadow Dandelions Floral or Musical Note Black Theme covers.

Love Sound Headphones Pillow Cover

ambesonne pillowFlying Notes Album Dance Pillow Coverambesonne pillowMeadow Dandelions Floral Pillow Coverambesonne pillowMusical Note Black Theme Pillow Coverambesonne pillow

  • If you’re looking for a cheerful bedroom theme that illustrates how music lights up your life, we have some designs for you that capture it perfectly! Our duvet cover sets are bold and cheerful – a great way to wake up after a late night of concert attending or practice. Check out the bold Treble clef on our Notes Rhythm Artwork set, the colorful retro feel of the Tree With Notes Happiness design, or the swirling notes of the Colorful Festival Frame or Colorful Notes Butterfly covers. They’re great for the young musicians in your life, too!

Notes Rhythm Artwork Duvet Cover Setambesonne duvet coverTree With Notes Happiness Duvet Cover Setambesonne duvet coverColorful Festival Frame Duvet Cover Setambesonne duvet coverColorful Notes Butterfly Duvet Cover Setambesonne duvet cover

  • A great way to liven up blank wall space in any home, practice space, or gathering spot is with a tapestry. Our versions have crisp designs that can set any mood you like. No matter what your color scheme or musical style, our selection of images will suit your space. Check out the jazz club ambience that’s going on in our Band Of Stick Figures tapestry, the cool sounds (you can almost hear them, right?) of the Musical Notes Vibes style, and the breeziness of our Saxophone Wavy Notes design (which also looks great with the duvet covers we showed you). If your personal look veers a little bit more dramatic, you might love the witchy solo goodness of our Witch On Guitar tapestry.

Band Of Stick Figures Wide Tapestryambesonne tapestryMusical Notes Vibes Wide Tapestryambesonne tapestrySaxophone Wavy Notes Wide Tapestryambesonne tapestryWitch On Guitar Wide Tapestryambesonne tapestry

  • Don’t despair, we won’t leave your windows bare in our quest to bring the music into your life! Our curtain sets will bring the whole musical experience to life with their blasts of notes and color schemes to suit any decor. Check out the colorful representations of what music sounds like in our Rhythm in My Heart, Inspirational Sound Vibes, or Cute Notes styles for a style boost. The Artistic Vibes style looks great in retro settings, and we haven’t forgotten about the Classics! The crisp black and white of our Mixed Melody Monochrome, Musical Note Artsy Print, and Abstract Icons Clef bring in the musical theme in increasingly bold prints – one of them is sure to be perfect for your room.

Rhythm In My Heart Design Curtainambesonne curtainInspirational Sound Vibes Curtainambesonne curtainCute Notes Watercolor Curtainambesonne curtainMixed Melody Monochrome Curtainambesonne curtainMusical Note Artsy Print Curtainambesonne curtainAbstract Icons Clef Sheet Curtainambesonne curtain

Let the music play all over your house with our extensive selection of designs. Ambesonne has something to match any personality, space, or color scheme. Take a spin around our website and see what compositions you’ll dream up!

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