NORDIC INTERIOR DESIGN: This Is What Professionals Do

If what you are looking for is elegance, Nordic interior design is the way to go. The cold climate and lack of light have been forcing designers to come up with creative ways to use the light while creating warm interiors and elements. The beauty of the Scandinavian design is innovation.

There are numerous Nordic designers with great ideas. The sleek design and the definite lines are the main similarities between these designers. Although the ideas have some comparable elements between them, the end products are wildly different. The similarities stem from the strong cultural and linguistic ties in Scandinavia. The four designers we are going to examine have proved these points very clearly. They all vaguely belong to the same movement but all are distinct enough to have their own identity.


Turi Heisselberg Pedersen

Turi Heisselberg is one of the prominent figures in the Nordic design scene for more than a decade. She is one of those people who can find sublimity in nature’s own shapes. That is why apart from her earlier work, you can find soothing irregular forms designed in such a way that every line and detail tells a different story. The designs look random and out of place to the untrained eye but the avid followers of Nordic design will surely pick up how she feeds from the Danish tradition and breathes new life into the established motifs.


Nathalie Lautenbacher

An alumnus of the University of Art and Design in Helsinki, Nathaile Lautenbacher is one of the more decorated designers in the Nordic movement. The main philosophy behind what makes her art more refined than the rest is the slowness in her work. She, in her own words, ‘’slows down the production of her art.’’ The stillness gives the end product a transcendence.


Maria Bruun

Perhaps the most American one of the nordic design movement Maria Bruun, tries to combine the hands-on approach of the western world with the introspective and natural beauty of Scandinavia. Her work is a constant battle between these two forces.


Sigve Knutson


He is young, he is experimental, he is everything postmodern. Sigve Knutson has not been around for such a long time but he has already made his mark on Nordic design in more ways than one. He specializes in sharp and vivid objects that convey emotions. He is truly an insight into what the next generation of nordic design can be.

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