Reflection of Soul: Creativity with Tapestries


Call them as you wish – wall tapestries, woven wall hangings, or macrame draperies – tapestries have been a part of our culture for a long time. Once associated with the depiction of religious stories or considered as a symbol of wealth and power, tapestries have recently flaunted their way into home decor trends and people have begun to incorporate these fabrics in their interior designs. This shouldn’t be a surprise for us, as these beautiful vibrant and printed pieces have so many decorative and functional purposes. In other words, all we want to say there is no limit when it comes to decorating with tapestries. You know what they say, originality comes from creativity. That’s why we are here for you to share some creative ways of using tapestries in different areas of the home that will inspire you to create your magic.


But have you ever wondered what’s so good about tapestries? Why have they become so popular as a home accent? The answer is easy. Of all types of products available on market, none are so practical and easy to use like tapestries. Besides, they add both color and dimension to a room in such an affordable way that they instantly turn into favorite pieces of those who reside in dorms or rental spaces or move frequently (everyone wants to get their security deposit back, right?). With mandala prints, abstract art patterns, geometric layouts, or traditional motifs, tapestries easily create a dynamic focal point in the room and enrich the decor with characteristic vibes. Keep scrolling down to learn about different tapestry ideas.


Curtains Out, Tapestries In

Who said tapestry can only be hung on the walls? If you are not a fan of window drapes with dull plain colors or over-elaborate designs, then you can dress up your windows with modern trendy tapestries, instead. Depending on the texture and print they have, tapestries can play a big role in natural daylight filtering and shadow reflections. With a little sewing and knitting craftworks, you can even create your curtain tapestries with a mandala print. Here you go, you’ve introduced a different way of privacy that is unique only to you.


Your Taste, Your Style

Machine washable, iron-free, elegant look and silky touch… a tapestry has got all these qualities, so why not use it as a tablecloth? You can make seasonal arrangements according to the trends, add the beauty of each season and match easily with your existing decor. Impress your friends at dinner, make your breakfast time enjoyable, and add some colors to your family gatherings. Besides, tapestries are also budget-friendly, so don’t worry about breaking your bank, too.


Say Goodbye to Worn Out Furniture

Old shabby home articles can be expensive to replace with new ones. Consider covering your old furniture with tapestries rather than spending lots of money to buy new. A tapestry over an everyday old sofa, coffee table, ottoman, chair pads, or even headboard can change the look in the blink of an eye. By doing so, create an amazing uniqueness in your room and give it a worthy display.



Outdoorsy Lovers, These are For You

We may be getting into the home-hang season, but investing in a long term use product might be a good idea, especially considering the time that those missing summer outdoor activities will come. You know why? Because machine-washable and soft textured tapestries can perfectly work as picnic sheets or beach blankets. They are a lightweight and stylish alternative to dull sheet designs. So, take your camera out, set your best picnic wares, and photograph the layout like a professional or get great photos at the beach!

Time to Purify and Quiet Your Decor

Take your yoga practices to the next level and use the tapestries as an alternative to meditation mats. They not only enrich your space but also brighten up your mood. The vibrant tie-dye design can help you dive into spiritual power, just like the sun and moon motif or the hamsa form do. Either hang the tapestry on the wall during your meditation or incorporate it into your deep journeys.



The Only Limit is Your Imagination

All these tips still can’t get you into a mood? Then let your craft skills take over it. An aztec bag, a hippie tent canopy, or a photo booth backdrop constructed out of a tapestry might be one of your next DIY projects. Plus, just think how great it would feel when guests asked where your homemade items were from. We all know whose craft skill is this, right? Don’t forget, the point is always to break up the well-accepted traditional influences. So, the only limit is your imagination.



Tapestries can shape your home, define your style, and bring an innovative touch to your household goods. They express a story, cover an ordinary wall, or give a distinct character and charm. Whichever article you choose to use or decorate with tapestry, don’t forget to have fun, be creative, and let it be a reflection of your soul and spirit. If you still can’t give up on traditional wall decorations, then we recommend you to take a look at our – the lazy way to vintage wall art – tips. All the things you need to decorate the colorless boring walls are in this blog post.

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