Simple Feng Shui for Home

Essentially, Feng Shui is not exactly something that is concerned with home design. Philosophy of Feng Shui is about energy and it is shaped around issues of balance and harmony. It ensures that the energy called “Chi” circulate comfortably by replacing our furniture and objects with this balance and harmony principle. According to this philosophy, “Feng” means wind and “Shui” means water; these two basic elements are seen as the source of human existence.

It’s not completely possible to put the practices of this philosophy in our home decor with the ever-shrinking city and apartment life. But with these easy tips which will help the Chi energy flow calmly around your home, you can leave the city’s stress and chaos behind. Let’s take a look…

Get rid of the unnecessary clutter
Before even starting to decorate your home in accordance with Feng Shui, you should get rid of your unnecessary household items as a first step. Not only those that have not been used for a long time, broken, worn out and useless, but also, you should remove the objects that you don’t like and give you bad energy. The second step of this process is cleaning your house from dirt and dust in detail.

Our connection to the world: The Door
The entrance of our house is our door that opens to the outside world in both practical and abstract dimensions. This is the first area that both our guests and us see when entering our house. For creating a sense of trust and peace, doors with lighter and brighter colors should be preferred. The entrance area should be kept as wide as possible for a fresh vibe. There shouldn’t be reflective objects like mirrors or windows directly toward the door, so that the energy entering the house do not return.

Importance of the light
The life-giving energy of sunlight is very important for our lives and beings. We should avoid glass and windows in front of furniture or ornaments to prevent light from entering our home from outside. For the rooms that cannot receive sunlight, we can place warm-toned lamps and candles, but let’s not forget that there should be less light as possible in the bedroom for maximum sleep quality.

The heart of our home: Kitchen
The kitchen represents abundance, fertility, health and wealth. What we eat is directly related to how we feel and our existence in the world. The kitchen should always be clean and tidy. Unnecessary food should not be stocked in the kitchen. A few things should be included here as in every part of our house. You can place foods that not rot easily such as pomegranate, quince or dried nuts on the counter to symbolize abundance. The most important Feng Shui rule about the kitchen is separating the “Fire” and “Water” objects apart. The fire objects like the oven or the cooker and the water objects like the fridge or the sink should not be placed side by side. If the position of the items cannot be changed, a decorative divider board such as a wood plank should be placed between them.

Living room
In Feng Shui philosophy, areas that are used commonly and areas where the family spend time together such as a living room or tv room represent the spirit of the house. Our sitting group should be designed as a square to attract and keep the energy inside. Furniture should not be chosen too large for the room to circulate the chi energy correctly and the edges should not be sharp. Again, there should be few items as possible in this room.

According to this philosophy, only bed and nightstand should be positioned in the bedroom. Given the conditions we live in nowadays, everybody can’t spare a room for studying or dressing. If you have to include them in the room, you should be careful not to place the wardrobe and studying desk directly to opposite side of the bed. The headboard of your bed should rest against the wall and should not stand in the middle without resting anywhere or in front of the window. You should prefer quiet nude, pastel color scales and organic materials. We must not forget that the furniture in this room should have very round lines, too.

The bedroom should not be seen directly from the entrance or other rooms according to the Feng Shui. If it does, it’s better to prevent this view by a folding screen or a basic curtain. It’s important to choose white colors or lighter shades for a fresh aura in the bathroom. We should avoid using the red color scale in this area where water is dense because it represents fire. Water represents wealth; therefore there shouldn’t be dripping, broken or leaky faucet, pipe or tap in the bathroom. This place should always be kept clean and the toilet seat as well as the bathroom door should be kept closed.

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