Top 10 Cheap Ways to Create a Modern Living Room Decor


One of the most useful spaces in your home is undoubtedly your living room. You spend the most precious times in there and why bore yourself and your loved ones in a space designed poorly? With the outgrowing trendsetter influences and the recent renovations brought into the sector of interior design, it is now a lot easier to create a contemporary living room setting for a good deal. Long gone are the dreadful days of wallet-consuming decoration. We have narrowed down for you a list of 10 ways on how to modernize your living room without breaking the bank.


  • Reorganize your furniture.


Before you do anything, work around with your already existing furniture. Make sure to arrange the pieces in a refreshing look. Set the place in a way where the tv can be watched or seen in comfort and where people can be cozily gathered altogether for some conversation. The living room is an important area where you engage with your guests or spend quality time with your loved ones therefore shift it into a place of full conformity.


  • Make-believe 


One way to improve the atmosphere in your living room is to play around with the decorative accessories in your house. A very convenient alternative to this, is to bring like colored ornamental pieces into clutters to make them look like newly bought collections. 


  • Boost it with some wall art. 



Embellish your walls with affordable wall art pieces and voila! You have a brand new appearance in your living room. An affordable, rustic design tapestry recalling ethnic vibes or a modern landscape image sweeping guests off their feet, whichever you opt for will certainly satisfy you wonderfully. 


  • Grab a paintbrush and color it up!


Another way to liven up your living room is to grab an apron, some paint and paint your walls in your living room. You can decide on some contradicting tones for a contemporary look. An approachable beautiful blend of vibrant tones suited with your furniture can be a cheap and fun way to catch all eyes at a single glance. 


  • Design an art gallery wall.


Another versatile way to affordable decoration in your living room, is your own wall art gallery. You can spare a wall for your personal photos or simple, yet quirky wall art drawings drawn by hand or printed. Hanging them with DIY frames or simply a whimsical tape can add a grand statement about your funky style to the room. If you aim to go for more basic and rustic lines, then you can find a piece of painted wood take a string through it and hang your photos to it with some clothes pins. 


  • Throw in some pillows.



Don’t underestimate the power of some prominent throw pillows. Sometimes all you need for a big impact is a change in small details. Budget friendly throw pillows can turn out to be your saviors on your path to a modern living room. Floral essences, landscape themed pillows or numerous other pillow designs can be considered when considering a change of scene in your living room. 


  • Change your carpet.  

If you are a person of carpets and area rugs then one other modern way to redecorate your living room can be a change of your carpet. You can easily buy a cheap area rug that will allow your scene to lift from ordinary to exclusive. 


  • Crown molding.

If your main aim is to achieve a high-end atmosphere in your living room, crown molding is the ideal road to take. Bringing together the ceiling and the walls, this elegant addition can help your living room look a lot more complete and exquisite. Contrary to the known, crown molding is an affordable, cheap operation especially the plastic, paintable versions. 


  • Window accessorizing.


It must be a common, accepted rule that a home without window curtains is bound to look cheap and deserted. Uplifting your living room in ravishing curtains matched with your lovely furniture or walls is the ultimate way to add some color and change without having to go hard on your budget. Finding affordable and significant curtains online isn’t difficult anymore. 


  • Don’t underestimate the power of lightning.


There is so much that the type of lightning can say about a room. When applied attentively, lightning can add a ton of characteristic or take away from the whole ambiance. Make sure to choose your lightening with the utmost care. If you want to obtain an exclusive modern outlook, arrange some designer light fixtures and get rid of the standard lightning your contractor has arranged cheaply. You can find very convenient and high-end looking lightning accessories at flea markets or second-hand stores. 

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