Thematic decoration is a genuine topic when it comes to recreating your living room or any personal space in your home. Choosing the nature calling tone, green, is a rewarding path to take when selecting a specific color or theme. A color can bring a lot of energy into a room and green is fitting if you are a person of tranquility or outdoor essences. Read through our blog post about ways to ornament your living room in green and allow our ideas blossom in your own personal sacred place, home. 



  1. Composure of Refreshing Nature Elements

Using leafy ornaments or garden themed elements can turn your living room into a stunning botanical setting. You can play around with brown or wood inspired furniture to make the atmosphere outdoorsy and tropical. Allow the fresh breeze into your personal space by designing it with natural items.


  1. Luscious green walls…

Green can be applied in many areas of a room; however, the most effective one is surely the wall. Pastel or bright green walls can bring that aura of nature into your living room even if not accompanied with green furniture. You don’t have to buy tons of products or furniture in green to create that natural atmosphere. Green walls can be suited with brown, white, or a vibrant, contrasting tone like vermilion.

  1. Allurement of green curtains 

Modest details can mean the world sometimes… Stylish curtains in green tones can be an ultimate touch of tranquility in your living room. Setting the room with some thick layers of a curtain in plain or printed green will let your living room dazzle in charm. How about a jungle themed setting? An Exotic design with numerous other green curtain designs can be looked through.


  1. Harmony of green and purple

Contrasting tones are always appreciated in the world of interior design. Green and purple form an elegant harmony, after all, union of romantic feels with nature is always a good idea. If you are an admirer of the violet tones then this composition can speak to your desires.

  1. Ombre details, simple yet elegant.

Ombre effect is one of the most convenient trends currently out there. Being an easy alternative when combining more than one colors, green ombre details added to your living room will surely re-energize the whole aura through modest touches.

A green ombre pillow can be your touch of delicacy or an ombre style marine themed curtain can be a stunning alternative if you are fond of nautical details.


  1. Who says green and blue don’t work together?

The saying ‘green and blue shouldn’t be seen together’ is so long gone because the modern trend encourages contradicting color tones in interior design and surely offers many alternatives. You can bring tones of teal blue with a green, not so bright rather soft and pastel to obtain a great look in your living room.


  1. A perfect vintage, countryside look.

If you are a persistent admirer of old, countryside vibes then you can slip away from modern touches and replace them with floral themed, vintage items. A sofa adorned by some pastel flowers accompanied in pale green tone will bring a stunning detail to the picture. Green being the refreshing nature color, could not be expressed better than in a theme of a rural arrangement.


  1. Tapestry your way into green

A single tapestry designed with the soothing fine points of mother nature can be an optimum path to going green in your living room. If you are not so keen to spend a bunch of hundreds on your living room decor, wall art decoration is ideal, both for your wallet and your unique style.


  1. Art of Modern and contrasting clean lines.

Brilliant composition of modern, symmetric and dissimilar tones… Choose a color that will contradict with green and create a living room that will be a living proof of contemporary scenes. Small amount of furniture should be picked if you wish to strike a contemporary look. Pick simple colors rather than cluttered and colorful prints. Simple yet effective is what will best define this appearance.


  1. Captivating and posh dark green.

Who would have thought green could be the carrier of classy and elegant when all that was ever known about it was lightweight. Teal, dark teal, emerald green or simply dark green can be a choice of refinement if suited with the right accent furniture. If darker atmospheres and mid century modern auras are your calling then these tones will best speak to your soul.

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