If you are moving into your dream house or want to make a few decorative changes in your current home, there is a fact in home design that you cannot ignore: Curtains.

When curtains are that important in home design, what should we pay attention to when choosing them, lets start with that 🙂


Because the fabric of a curtain affects its appearance directly, it play a vital role in home design. Hence, there are a few important points to consider when choosing your fabric:

1 – Sunlight. For example, if sunlight is abundant in your room you could choose dark curtains, and if its scarce, you can choose light curtains.

2 – The decor of your room. For instance, while heavier fabrics are more appropriate for traditional rooms, thin and transparent curtains are more fitting for minimalist rooms.


The color of your curtains should be consistent with your furniture. So you should choose curtains in line with your decor and background. For a nice display, you would benefit from choosing curtains with complementing colors to your walls. But if you want your curtains to be the point of attention in your house, you can choose a contrasting color to your furnitures and walls. 


This year, floor length curtains are the trend. If you want a more vibrant look, you can choose curtains that are a few inches longer.

But if you have kids, your curtains could be a few inches higher than the ground.

Printed Curtains 

Using printed curtains depends on your homes design. If the other furnitures in your room are plain-colored, using a printed curtain would be a popular choice. The opposite could also be said. 

Yes… Above, we broke down the factors you need to pay attention to when choosing curtains. Now lets move on to 2018’s 40 Types of Curtains for the Home and help you out with your curtain choice by listing our most popular models. 

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