This is a great time of the year to shake off the winter blahs and have some fun with your home decor. Ambesonne is always on top of the latest design trends, and we make it so easy to change up your look

It’s almost a full-time job keeping up with what will look great in this year’s home, but we have rounded up some ways to add amazing vintage style to your space. 

The best places for high impact statements are walls, windows, and sofas, and we are here with bright pillow colors, eye-catching curtain panels, and whimsical tapestries that will brighten up your bare walls.

  • Sofa, So Good

Even the plainest, most vanilla of sofas can be completely changed with some new pillow covers. If you’d like your sofa to set the mood in your space, rather than bring it down, look no further than some of our rainbow bright designs.

We challenge anyone to have a bad day when they are surrounded by the rainbow beams of our Grunge Rays, Rainbow Clouds, or Retro Burst covers.

We think the actual depiction of your sunny mood is shown on the Men on the Wave pattern!

Bold color splashes are also available to mix or match with your decor – just check out our patterns like the Striped Mosaic or Diagonal Stripes color blends – they pair well with the Sun Rays Clouds and Folkloric designs.

Grunge Rays Pillow Cover

Grunge Rays Pillow Cover

Magical Cloud Pillow Cover

Retro Burst Pillow Cover

Men On A Wave Pillow Cover

Striped Mosaic Pillow Cover

Diagonal Strips Pillow Cover

Sun Rays Clouds Pillow Cover

Folkloric Pattern Pillow Cover

  • Discussion Panels

Who said window curtains have to be boring? Not us! 

We believe that our vintage-inspired curtain panel prints should be just as interesting as they are attractive.

You’ll never worry about someone having the same curtains as you when you pick from our unique designs such as the powerful Pop style Sixties Triangle Motif or the Antiques Frame print. They’ll have you playing out a drama in front of your windows! For a more traditional color palette, but a fresh style, try out a look like the Hearts in Captivity, Retro Postage, or Victorian Stars and Swirls.

If your guests don’t ask about any of these retro curtain panel wonders, then there’s something wrong with them! They’re both stylish and impossible not to talk about! 

Sixties Triangle Motifs Curtain

Antique Frames On Wall Curtain

Hearts In Captivity Curtain

Retro Inspired Postage Curtain

Stars And Victorian Swirls Curtain

  • Tapestry Talk

What to do with that bare wall – wait! We’ve got you covered – pun intended!

Our retro-cool designs can accomplish what no amount of paint and wallpaper can do – big impact, fast and easy! If you want to offset you steampunk decor with a bit of bold contrast, you’ll love designs like the Retro Coffee Text and Retro Postage Stamp – filled with bold print.

Roll your style inspiration back to the ‘60s with the evocative looks of our Old Vintage Guitar Beach print, the downright groovy Vintage Movie graphic, or the fabulous looks of the Geometric Age tapestry. 

Don’t forget the best florals around – we have you prepared for spring with complementary looks like Moroccan Ceramic Tile, Abstract Chinese Floral, or the Floral on Lacework looks – they’re perfect for a sunroom or urban jungle, too!

Retro Coffee Texts Wide Tapestry

Retro Post Stamp Design Wide Tapestry

Old Vintage Guitar Beach Wide Tapestry

Vintage Cinema Movie Star Wide Tapestry

Geometric Aged Wide Tapestry

Moroccan Ceramic Tile Wide Tapestry

Flower On Lacework Aged Wide Tapestry

Abstract Chinese Floral Wide Tapestry

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