A bedroom is a warm and safe shelter for a teen more than any of us. While being warm and safe, a teen’s room needs to be stylish and fun, too. Fashion and concepts change swiftly. But what do teenage bedrooms look like nowadays?

Fashion and trends are a big part of decorating but the perspective of your teenage is the most important (even though sometimes parents forget)! First, think about what your teenager loves. Cause his/her room should be an expression of who they are. And you won’t believe how some major diversities and unusual things can create amazing combos in the end!

Designing a multi-purpose room

Their bedroom won’t be a place for only sleeping but for reading, studying, having fun and lounging with their friends. So choose versatile furniture and décor. You can design the room in 3 basic areas:

  • Sleep Area
  • Study Area
  • Hobby/Lounge Area

Even though the room is small, nowadays with modern and smart design furniture, you can still make these areas look spacey like vertical tables with extra storage places. One or two throw pillows and a rug can create a lounge area.


While keeping it simple & modern, don’t forget the colors!

They are in the spring of their lives. Most of them will like some lively details so put some vivid edges to their teenage room décor!


Adding cozy textures

To this shelter, feel-good and soft to the touch fabrics will naturally go well. Like velvet wallpapers, faux fur rug, plush bedding, fuzzy and soft throw pillows…


 Fun & creativity should be your guide

Teenagers are somewhere between childhood and adulthood. Allow them to create a place to express themselves. Add some pieces from their character to the décor to make them feel belonged. Is he playing basketball? Does she love reading books? Is her biggest desire skating? Does he like to play the guitar? Add something about it, if yes! Wall art, a duvet cover or any sort of detail your child desires!

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