Attention! Christmas is over and you need to change your decor at once! Embrace the winter decor after Christmas. Create an atmosphere with the sublime simplicity of the cold and soft winter colors. Winter decor after Christmas is really simple to achieve and pretty inexpensive. In a nutshell: The colors need to be soft and muted, the place should be free of clutter and only seamless decorative pieces should be used.

Give yourself some space to breathe.

Whenever you need a house makeover the first thing you should be doing is cleaning. Because if you do not properly clean and get rid of Christmas you will never truly be able to change the decoration. So take a deep breath and start cleaning. Do not stop until your living room is spotless.

Use muted colors in your ornaments

If you want to do this in a very safe way you can just follow the nordic people. They live in winter for the good part of the year and they perfected the winter decoration. Well, how can I find a nordic interior designer in Tennessee? You might ask. Well, we have got you covered. (

Fill those sofas with pillowcases

Start small and work your way up to the bigger pieces. Try to select more soft tones in your pillowcases. These pastel tones will improve your living room in a significant way. The great thing about the soft colors is that they can be combined in a variety of ways.

If you want to get rid of Christmas decor and start the new decoration year with a bang follow our instructions. If you want more check out the other articles. Follow us on Instagram and Facebook.

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