Winter Wonderland Classroom Door Decorating Ideas for Teachers


Teachers usually have a dreadful time trying to decide how to ornament their classroom each holiday because it is a never-ending cycle that repeats itself every year and there is only so much you can create on your own without needing the help of the internet or other sources. We have gathered for you a collection of ideas that will help you make your classroom vigorously stand out among others this winter. 

One of the tricks in making a snowman out of cups is using larger cups on the bottom. Get some hot glue, lay the cups flat on a table touching sides in a circle and begin the constructing! Build it upwards with cups inward and it will form a dome. If you are not very cozy with the idea of using hot glue, you can always opt for staples. After building the 3 body bits you can move to other accessories like the scarf, the eyes, the nose and the mouth. Use painted woolen pom poms for the eyes and the mouth. You can even upgrade by adding a hat to your snowman, made out of butcher paper and voila you got yourself a charismatic gentleman welcoming your students to class every morning!

If you have a door with a convenient space around it then this one’s for you! Thinking within the box is so last year. Think out of the box and create crafts that cover more than just your door but also it’s surrounding. By doing this, your work will portray a spacey appearance and will certainly broaden your alternatives. Make your snowman extra large this year or let his arms raise to the sides of the door allowing a more jolly look.

There’s no harm in taking the cheesy road once a while…Some winter and snow-related scenes and phrases that have a tone of humor are just so full of warmth. Cut out your children’s faces and stick them onto snowflakes with the written words ‘’We melt for our teachers.’’ Another way can be crafting a cup of latte on your door with the writing ‘’we love math (or any other subject or teacher) a latte.’’ There are no limits when it comes to cheekiness, after all, winter decorating is snow much fun! 

Even though we appreciate the pleasant festivity it brings, snowman shouldn’t receive all the attention. Waddling and whimsical mascots, penguins can be your new holiday spirit-lifters this year. Make sure to add these cheery characters into your list of decoration ideas and watch, not only your students but all visitors enjoy looking at these mischievous animals on your classroom door. 


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